Air Fryers! Have you ever tried one?

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Air Fryers! Have you ever tried one?

Post by Chikari » 13 Feb 2019, 12:03

So, I'm planning on getting an air fryer on Friday. I was curious if any of yall have experience with these or have any recipe recommendations to start out.
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Post by mamilla93 » 24 Feb 2019, 23:48

Yes and I dont know how I lived before I bought it. I make sweet potato and jicama fries all the time. You wont regret it.

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Post by BuzzingQuill » 21 Mar 2019, 03:54

Yeah I have, I'm not going to lie I miss the taste of regular fried chips, but as a healthy alternative, the air-fryer is godsend, much more energy effecient and tastier than having to bake everything.

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Post by Letora » 21 Mar 2019, 13:50

I'm curious about the air fryers as well. Do they still use oil, only a smaller amount? Is there a big texture difference between fried food vs. air fried food?
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Post by IamShing » 25 Mar 2019, 22:13

Wow that is amazing. I never tried it before..I hope I can someday though..enjoy as of the moment
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Post by Eclecticmama » 06 Apr 2019, 00:31

Do it. Make the leap and fly into Air fryer heaven like the rest of us

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Post by eastandalchemy » 13 Jun 2019, 11:26

I've been on the fence about an air fryer for so long, but I think this forum convinced me to take the leap. Does anyone have a brand that they recommend? There are so many mixed reviews out there.

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Nisha Ward
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Post by Nisha Ward » 13 Jun 2019, 12:43

I've wanted one for a while now. I think I might get it.
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Smiley Leena
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Post by Smiley Leena » 16 Jun 2019, 13:28

Nahhhh....I've never tried an air fryer,I don't even know what it looks like

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Post by Heatholt » 18 Jun 2019, 21:15

I haven’t tried one but I want one so bad, and this thread makes me want one even more!
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Post by Saffron » 25 Jun 2019, 08:31

No, but I’ve always wanted to test one out

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Post by Charlie19 » 30 Jun 2019, 05:23

No never heard of that, thank you for sharing this new thing to me.

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Post by Monet_va » 03 Jul 2019, 11:03

Air fryers are really great. I've had one for about a year now. Can't say I have any specific recipes, but they're a lot healthier, as you put oil on the food you air fry.

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Post by Pipseyann » 08 Jul 2019, 20:09

I LOVE my air fryer! It was a Christmas present last year - I highly recommend the toaster, convection oven, air fryer combo (if you have the space for it). Our new favorite French fries are cutting up potatoes and tossing with olive oil and salt. They turn out as crispy as you want and aren't soggy or greasy! I've also fried breaded shrimp and chicken and they turn out much better then in the oven without the pans of hot oil.

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Post by sdatsy » 09 Jul 2019, 09:00

I am wondering what the crispiness comparison is between deep-frying and air-frying and also do things like chicken lose moisture in an air fryer?

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