Princess Catrin's new mystical ability

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Re: Princess Catrin's new mystical ability

Post by jhalwix »

I think that Amren could have considered more the dangers of Catrin's powers and should have helped her learn to control them early on and what they could have developed into. It's why teenagers are so rebellious. Parents say no, so they go off and do it in a dangerous and secretive manner and it causes bigger problems later on.

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Post by Swiftmover07 »

Most children go against their parent's advisement under the motto of better to ask forgiveness than permission. Its a common thing in books but also real life. Sometimes you just have to learn and do things on your own
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Post by Sweetp120 »

I feel that she felt denied to be herself. That she being the youngest of the family didn't matter in respect to what she could do as a member of the royal family. I think she felt she needed something to believe in if no one would believe in her and that's why she rebelled and practiced anyways.

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Post by Jsovermyer »

I wonder if the king also had mystical power since two of his children had the magic. I enjoyed the parts when Catrin was looking through her raven's eyes. Imagine the feeling of flying. How cool!

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Post by lavellan »

I think that King Amren should have provided more guidance for Catrin. Telling her to suppress or ignore her abilities just led her to practice them in secret. I'm also curious about the comment he made about magic running in the family. Is he referring to Rhea or was there someone else that had magical abilities?

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Post by babyboo56000 »

It seems that Catrin's powers appear wreather she want them to or not. I believe that it was foolish of her father to tell her that she shouldn't use her powers because by him telling her that it makes using her powers more interesting to her.

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Post by Theresam »

sarahmarlowe wrote:
25 Sep 2018, 19:31
For Catrin to request the training, she must have already had some experience with her abilities. Certainly the gift would be alluring and addictive! It would be difficult to stop experimenting with such a gift. I would think that most everyone has, at one time or another, thought of having mystical powers. If we really had some, it would be hard to refrain from using them!
I agree with your analysis. As I was reading the book I got the impression that she was aware that she had the powers but was working to try and control them or experiment to find out what she could do. It was an interesting aspect to the book

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Post by mamilla93 »

Catrin might be a princess, but is a typical teenager, curious about the vague order her father gave her. She explores her abilities because she is curious about it fails to understand the ramifications.

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Post by sush_destiny »

The princess is a typical teenage girl at heart. Her father asked her not to do something without explaining her the real reason, and that is the first thing she does.

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Post by winecellarlibrary »

I don't think she was left with a choice, especially since her raven was able to take control of her mind.
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Post by Julie-p »

I guess she kept practicing out of curiosity. Her father didn't explain the consequences that this magic had, and she wants to understand her power herself. I wouldn't call it a teenager mindset, but a human one. I guess most people in her place would have done the same.

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Post by lwahls2 »

I think she couldn't help it. I think that things started happening around her and she was forced to control it almost.
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