The characters

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Re: The characters

Post by CommMayo »

Catrin drove me crazy. She just came off as weak to me. It seemed as if she just let life happen to her. Where is this strong warrior princess we were promised?

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Post by jahagen »

Sahani Nimandra wrote:
03 Sep 2018, 10:23
The characters were truly a credential to this read. I like Catrin the most especially they way how she represented her self, but this isn't a read that I'm much pleased with.
I agree with you there. I think Catrin's chapters and her point of view were the easiest for me to bear and get through, although the other character's actions within her chapters still bothered me. Most things done by the characters just weren't that believable in my opinion.

Rodrigo Niguez
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Post by Rodrigo Niguez »

I disliked Cartrin's mom. She wants to impose her decisions on her daughter even on the choice of man to get married to. That was unbecoming of her. I prefer a society where individuals are at liberty to choose their marriage partners.

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Post by Shalomsamuels1 »

It could have been Cyrwig, but he wasn't mentioned enough. Also Amren, he seemed like he might be complex but it wasn't ever explored. So I go with Vala.

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Post by koechcollins50 »

I love Catrin and Marcellus characters they are concern of each other and stand for one another. Catrin's mother had a bad attitude on the other hand

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Post by Sirajuddin »

My favorite character is Catrin and her portrayal as an immature princess who has lost her heart for an enemy prince, but she wants to protect her kingdom.

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Post by carlyroseh »

HRichards wrote:
09 Sep 2018, 15:52
Cher432 wrote:
07 Sep 2018, 13:37
I honestly disliked every character except Catrin and Marcellus (though he did irritate me at some point) but I especially disliked Catrin's mom. Its hard enough being a woman in that era without having other women specifially your mother making it harder.
You and me both. Rhiannon drove me nuts, especially because she had flaunted the very rules she tried to enforce with her daughter. Also her insistence on repeatedly listening to every person in the wrong over and over was frustrating. As much as she claimed to love her daughter, she listened to everyone but her at almost every instance.
I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand Rhiannon. Once she was put in charge, every decision she made seemed to be the worst decision she could make. It was maddening how quickly she mistrusted and betrayed Catrin.

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Post by Theresam »

I am really enjoying the characters in this novel they are multidimensional and very well defined. The author created very interesting characters and the interaction between characters is very interesting.

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Post by mamilla93 »

My favorite character in the book was Catrin. Very strong female character except for that under developed romance with marcellus. Marrock is my least favorite character.

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Post by sush_destiny »

I liked Catrin's character. Very strong female character. Marrock was my least favorite character. He is a despicable person.

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Post by winecellarlibrary »

My favorites were Catrin, Marcellus, and Trystan. I wish Trystan could find love elsewhere. I'm surprised that King Amren would even allow him to remain in the kingdom. The queen was really irritating, and Marrock was detestable.
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Post by Julie-p »

Catrin was my favorite character, though I feel like I would have liked the secondary ones too if they had the same level of development, they felt a bit like flat characters. Catrin's mother was the worse character for me, she never trusted Agrona but all of a sudden places her daughter life in her hands.

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