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Just before I fell to the ground, I felt that someone had rushed to hold me by the arms. It must have been someone who stood close. But, despite how hard I tried, self coordination was very far from reach. One, two, three to four persons, then many voice began hollering, yet, only wishing I could help their yell until the cries faded into deaf ears.

I began to hear a feminine voice I heard just before I shadowed into helplessness. It spoke gentle and friendly for a long time. No one became visible. I could remember asking the voice; "you have spoken for so long, why can't you show your face?" The voice came from one particular direction, so I thought I needed to begin a search.

The environment seemed so blank, mist with smoke and veiled with dust just like the ones I saw in most of my dreamlands. The solitaire I found myself inspired some awe. But, I was comforted by the voice that followed me about.

"Where am I? What did I do? Where did I go wrong?" These questions kept reoccuring in my mind. I wondered who would have done that to me. But, I knew that some questions were only best when one is victorious of a certain veneration. No one knew what was going on around me. It slowly became more obvious that I was not with the people I fellowshipped with earlier. But, my question was; how come I was in the church a moment a ago, and now, I found my self in an unknown destination. Something was absolutely not right.

While searching curiously, a sudden lightening induced from behind. And the whole place became clear. I saw a huge artifact before me with suture design, well crafted in a vertical zig zag. Behold, it was the entrance to an ancient cave.

It opened itself as I approached. I entered fearlessly. Soon, an old man bald with a grey moustache magnified himself from a transparent mirror, such that I've never seen before in my life. He began speaking.

"You're welcome my son. Don't panic. I'll help you answer the questions bothering your mind. People appear in this cave only when they're have reached a level of obsession with a certain thought.

"You're a lucky person that's why you happen to meet a good man on shift. I'm not here to hurt you, but, to caution you to take it easy with your mind." He said.

The old man continued; "Welcome to the world of imaginations. A destination of choice. A place where mere thoughts give life to death things. Here, you give solution to all your worries, just with your thoughts. So, think of anything and have it immediately.

"I will tell you the name of the person who's reason you're here. You're here because you went to a church this morning. And, you saw a woman and got obsessed with her beauty and kindness and nerved into stupor with her gesture.

"She spoke with you earlier after the service. While speaking, you slumped because she diverted from what you expected of her. You lost physical cordination. And now, you're here.

"Right now, people think you're death. They're praying and shouting that you wake up. Take a look," he paused. I saw myself on the mirror lying on the same pulpit I hated their procession and people where doing some religious tradition for me to wake up. I couldn't help but to shout "Hei! Sir please, I want to return. I want to get out of that place I'm laid."

The old man said "don't worry, you're safe. What you see them do is not wrong. It's right before their God. I will let you go, but, I have just one advise for you. BECAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR MIND.

"Your mind can kill you faster than any poison can.

"Her name is Celina. She has something more important and promising to say than what made you slumped. Go and listen to her." As soon as he concluded, I opened my eyes and saw myself seating on my reading table, a friend who has just visited me stood by shaking me saying "Are you okay? I've been calling you for the past one hour. Is everything alright?"

So, with all this events, I asked myself; was I just thinking about an illusive happening?

***sequel to my previous article titled: MY FIRST LOVER GIRL***Thanks for reading.

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