Official Review: Private Lucky

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Karina Nowak
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Re: Official Review: Private Lucky

Post by Karina Nowak » 10 Nov 2019, 21:38

Haha. I like this guy. Not Private lucky, Private Confident!

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Stacy Storm
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Post by Stacy Storm » 10 Nov 2019, 21:58

I am looking forward to reading this book. I am always interested in stories that give a personal perspective to historical events. I don't know much about Holland or how the second world war effected that country. It would have been interesting to be American born and raised abroad during those turbulent times. It should be an engaging book.

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Vickie Noel
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Post by Vickie Noel » 10 Nov 2019, 22:12

The story of Hank's life adventures sound engrossing, but at the moment, I've had my fill of memoirs, especially war-related ones. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Disneyland » 10 Nov 2019, 22:38

Official Review: Private Lucky by Mellisa Guzzetta, Hendrick Gillebaard is a leisure for the intellect of the readers! The description of the biography is clear, expressive and all-encompassing! It is a good opportunity for me to build vocabulary! It inspires us to dream and visualize the impossible!

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Post by VernaVi » 10 Nov 2019, 22:44

This sounds like a great book for fans of true stories as told by those who lived them. I appreciate the mention in this review of issues with lying. It is important to some readers. Thanks for the detailed review!

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Rachel Lea
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Post by Rachel Lea » 10 Nov 2019, 23:03

This sounds like a fascinating story, made even more memorable because it actually happened. Thanks for your review!
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Agnes Masobeng
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Post by Agnes Masobeng » 10 Nov 2019, 23:05

Great and very well written review, congratulations. I am beyond doubt intrigued by such memoir.
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Samy Lax
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Post by Samy Lax » 10 Nov 2019, 23:22

This sounds like a wonderful book that educates readers about the details of occupied civilian life. Hank Gillebaard is surely a good man, and the story is fascinating.
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Scarlet Nicoll
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Post by Scarlet Nicoll » 10 Nov 2019, 23:27

I love a good WWII book and being a memoir is an added bonus. Definitely on my reading list. Thank you!

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Post by Jbcitygirl » 10 Nov 2019, 23:28

Thank you for sharing your review with us. I enjoyed the humor injected into this memoir, considering how dark the circumstances were during that era. Usually I don’t like reading about war, but it seems this book is not entirely focused on that. I think I might just add this to my reading list.

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Post by hmorgan90 » 10 Nov 2019, 23:29

I love this!! Memoirs are so fascinating to me. I love hearing about life stories and what can be learned from them. It could be that I just love family history and that's why I find memoirs so fascinating.

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Post by Daniel_ » 10 Nov 2019, 23:31

Hank's life is indeed full of action, activities, and adventures. I'll love to read about it.
Thanks for the wonderful review.

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ReyvrexQuestor Reyes
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Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes » 10 Nov 2019, 23:36

This book is amazing. The life of Lucky was a study of persistence and other means, though unsavory, to get to a job, or to one's dream in general. What I mean is lying as a means to an end. You've got to be lucky as this guy has been. Anyway, the adventures and exploits make up for entertaining reading. Great review.
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Post by ParadoxicalWoman » 10 Nov 2019, 23:43

This book got my attention when it's related with the World War 2 and I admired the amount of persistence by Hank to pursue his dreams.
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Post by Jsovermyer » 10 Nov 2019, 23:54

Private Lucky is the true account of Hank Gillebaard, an American-born, Dutch-raised boy during World War II. He was a teenager when the Germans occupied his Dutch homeland, and he fought with the Americans during the war. Congratulations to the author for bringing the life of this amazing man to print and for being chosen as BOTD. Thanks to the reviewer for your excellent review.

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