Review by kenkomercy -- 30th Century: Escape

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Review by kenkomercy -- 30th Century: Escape

Post by kenkomercy » 06 Nov 2017, 03:25

[Following is a volunteer review of "30th Century: Escape" by Mark Kingston Levin, PhD.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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30th century: Escape by Mark Kingston Levin, PhD. is an erotic science fiction novel. As the title suggests, it is partly set in the 30th century. In the 30th century, humans are known as "Naturals". Unfortunately, they are also "Syndos". The syndos lack a moral compass and wish to eliminate the inferior naturals. As would be expected, a noble peace laureate, Zexton Ho had invented a time travel machine. Sadly, he was assassinated by the syndos five years before the beginning of the book.

The story begins with captain Jennifer Hero and her team of non-violent "Secret Society" members traveling to the 27th century to alter the development of the syndos. They believe once the syndos are able to develop morally, they would no longer wish to eliminate the naturals. After sending all the trans-time team to the 27th century, captain Jennifer alters her own trans-time coordinates and sends herself to the year 2015. The story centers mostly on Jennifer's adjustment to the 21st century.

The book was interesting and thought provoking. I really enjoyed the action scenes at the beginning of the book. In fact, the part of the book that involved Jennifer and her trans-time team were intense and exciting. Too bad they were short. Jennifer's journey to adjust to the 21st century was equally interesting. She had to adjust emotionally and practically, especially considering her more than 9000 years of human advancement. What I liked most about this book is how either extensive research and or extensive knowledge of the author translates to a rewarding experience for the reader. His detailed description of sailing and flight could only be explained by the fact that he has experiences in those fields. He also brought out some interesting conversation on archeology and dark energy physics. People who have an interest in science would surely love this book.

Despite the above praises, they were a couple of things that bothered me about this book. I was unaware of the fact that this book would qualify as erotic fiction when I chose to review it. I was surprised when the sex scenes suddenly showed up, in great details in the second half of the book. Another thing that didn't quite sit well with me was the picture illustrations. They were confusing. I found the first pictures childish and the topless photo of the protagonist vulgar.

Overall, I would rate the book 3 out of 4 stars. Though I enjoyed the story, the explicit sex scenes and confusing illustrations obliged me to deduct a point from the rating. Lovers of sci-fi who wouldn't mind the erotic nature of the book would love this book.

30th Century: Escape
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Post by ValBookReviews » 27 Mar 2018, 20:40

Overall, I'm not into erotic science fiction and a review of spoiler alerts. But thank you!
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Post by sanjus » 20 Aug 2018, 03:36

Nice review that tells about this science fiction book that depicts future. Interesting to see author making reference to 27 th century.
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Post by Fozia-Bajwa » 16 Sep 2018, 16:21

Captain Jennifer is the protagonist who is hero of secret society agents in the 30th century. Syndos is characterized by a race of genetically modified humans who consider the natural human beings as inferior generation and want to rub them from this world. Jennifer hero has a mission to enable naturals to virus the Syndos with a genetic code to save mankind from destruction caused by immorality of genetically modified humans (Syndos). Thanks for your great review.

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