The difference between real life and Superhighway

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The difference between real life and Superhighway

Post by Kleodora »

What do you think about the nowadays situation of the world? And what is the difference between Superhighway and the real life?

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perly buyao dioquino
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Post by perly buyao dioquino »

i don't really believe in supernatural it is just part of our imaginary for what's happening in our world nowadays...

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nebula nation
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Post by nebula nation »

super high way is fiction first off ,it may have some realistic parts of the story however its not entirely 100% fact of real life .thats the difference .....our imagination and what is really happy is two different things

Awad Sharar
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Post by Awad Sharar »

When facts and real life are mixed with imagination in a well developed story, the outcome is entirely wondecul.
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Post by dbulkley »

This is an odd question. A lot of the novel didn't necessarily seem real to me, so I'm not sure what this question means. Also, Alex is pretty unlikable so I wasn't impressed with much of this.
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Post by mac83 »

The story is fictional and based off of the main character being able to travel through the internet. Humans can't travel through the internet so that is definitely a difference. However, we all rely on the internet for so many things, including banking information that Alex was able to access while inside the net. There are evil people who do bad things to make money while other people are struggling in the real world. That would be a similarity.
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Atara Miles
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Post by Atara Miles »

I think the similarity between the vulnerability of our information is hard to miss. So too is the greed for wealth and the weakness of human will. One the other hand, Alex has the ability to jump into the internet and as far as I know, no one has that superpower just yet. Also, we always want to see justice carried out as we deem it fit but either lack the resources or the capability to carry it out versus Alex actively taking on the vigilante role.

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