Overall Rating and Opinion of Nightlord

Discuss the December 2016 Book of the Month, Nightlord by Garon Whited.
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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of Nightlord

Post by ellieonline03 »

I liked the book and would recommend it to others but I won't give it a perfect 4/4. The author did a good job with the world-building and introduction of unique vampire qualities. Eric was fun but he keeps on getting sidetracked in his thoughts and actions. Every.Single.Time. It was somehow frustrating how he couldn't get his focus. The diary format did not also appeal to me. There were also errors (I could not remember which part).
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Post by kandscreeley »

I guess I'm a little late on this one having joined this website on December 31st. I am about a quarter of the way into this book. It is not really striking me as it has most of the others here. For me, there are too many technical explanations. I appreciate the fact that we need to understand the theory behind him being a vampire and using magic, but I think a good concise explanation goes a long way.
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Post by James Craft »

It seems like something my wife would enjoy, but it didn't grab me.
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Post by MagicToDo930 »

I'm in the process of reading it right now and I have to say, unfortunately, I'm not really liking it at all.
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Post by ramblinggnomes »

I would give it 3 out of 4. It was an original story and the characters were good fun and well developed but there were editing issues and the story dragged at times.
I didn´t really like the ending. It was designed with the intention of making you read the rest in the series which I didn´t like. It was a satisfactory ending after all of those pages.
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Post by Mbarnes »

To start off, I did not finish this book. I am an avid reader and just could not make it through it. According to my kindle I only read about fifteen percent of the book. It took me four days to get that much done before I just called it a wash. The grab you factor was not there for me. The sad thing is that there are at least two more books in this series. Now, let’s get into the good or as I should say not so good things about this book. As I said, I did not finish it.

The book is Sunset: Book One of the Nightlord Series, by Garon Whited. I would classify this in a few different genres. Those are alternative world fantasy, sci-fi fiction, and vampire related material (if that’s a category). It just seems like all the other vampire books out there with just a little twist. There isn't enough of a twist to keep me reading. I tried to read it through for onlinebookclub so that I could give them a decent review. Since I could not finish it I at least wanted to let you know the reasons as to why.

According to the rating system for the book club, I would give this 1 out of 4 stars. Per other rating systems I would give this 2 out of 5 stars. I thought that it would be a good book based on the reviews I read before I agreed to review it. I was really disappointed to find out it was not that great. I could not give it a higher rating because the wow factor was just not there. The book just drags on and on. It definitely needed to go through the editors a few more times. I was finding errors throughout the short part I read and it gets repetitive. If I would have known the book was in such a poor state I would not have bothered even starting it. When it finally gets to the point you forget what the author was trying to get across and have to reread chunks of the book.

The whole book isn’t bad though. I do like the layout of it. It is written as a diary. Instead of chapters it has the date and day of the week. It took me a little while to get into the layout but it is definitely a twist to the normal books I have read.

This book is tailored to a younger audience or really young adults. It involves traveling to other worlds with magic and vampires. You kind of get thrown into a scenario and from what I read it doesn’t get any clearer. The plot is hard to follow. In my opinion, the theme falls into love, friendship and revenge. The main characters from the first fifteen percent of the book are Eric, Sasha and his friend Travis.

A quick view of Eric is that he was transformed by Sasha who is centuries old. She teaches him things that he has forgotten. At first he didn’t believe in vampires or magic. Sasha was apparently his mistress or lover in his past life. Something happens to her and he has to rely on his magic to try and figure out his problem involving her. They are also being chased by the Church of Light. The whole magic thing is where I lost interested when he was trying to time hop. Even as fiction that never really caught my interest. I also don’t understand how his friend Travis doesn’t go crazy or report him to a mental place.

All in all, this was a terrible read. I know that there are people out there that like this book if not love it based on the reviews. Everyone has their own opinion though. Thank you for reading.
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Post by Jax14 »

I definitely gave this 3 out of 4.
I liked how snarky Eric's thoughts and answers in a lot of places were and a lot of the characters had interesting personalities that worked well off each other.
What I didn't enjoy was the amount of tangents that Eric's journey went on - all he needed to be was a plumber and baker and he covered most job descriptions! Too many ideas in one book and the book could have been divided in two.
Otherwise I enjoyed the fresh take on a nightlord and loved the idea of Bronze and Firebrand!

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Post by Mbarnes »

I gave the book a one star rating because it was probably the worst vampire book that I have ever tried to read. I could not finish it. I honestly tried and tried. I spent four days trying to get through the first fifteen percent of the book. There was just to much filler room and wasted space when it could have been explained more. It was just to long and drawn out when the author could have been a bit more precise. That is just my opinion though. I am an avid reader and was just like holy cow when I read it. The time travel is what got it to where I quit reading. It is not the fact that it was bloody and nasty I just do not like time travel books. I went into this thinking that it might be different because of the reviews it had. It doesnt happen often but I was wrong about this book.

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hsimone wrote:
Janetleighgreen wrote:I loved this book! It was my vote for best book of 2016! I thought, that even though it's a long read; Eric is a lovable sort, and I thoroughly enjoyed tagging along on his journey. I rate this one 4/4!
Wow, that's awesome! Yeah, I think I might be the odd one out here. I've seen other people's reviews (outside of here) who had similar feelings as me, but there are many who did enjoy this one. I'm glad that you were one of them!
Do not feel bad you are not alone in this. I quit reading it and did a review on it. I am flabbergasted that there are so many good reviews for this book. That is one of the main reasons as to why I decided to try the read. I should listen to my book gut more often with things like this. I really did give it my best effort to try and finish it. I just could not do it. I had more fun watching paint dry then reading this.
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Post by cjohns105 »

I did enjoy it. My favorite thing in many good novels is decent setting/world creation, which I think was done very well here. Anything that I can kind of explore on my own, outside or in tandem with canon is good in my book, no pun intended.
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

I have read the reviews of other people and I would love to read this book. It seems interesting. :)
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Post by Dusamae »

I absolutely loved the book. I like that the book took a different approach to the vampire. To me, it gave a different twist to an old tale. There were several parts of the story that was slower than I would have liked. I would definitely recommend this book to people I know that like these type books. My score was 3 out of 4 stars because of all the typos.

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Post by NhkeiraT »

Great review

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