Have you ever read a book simply to go to sleep?

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Re: Have you ever read a book simply to go to sleep?

Post by KasieMiehlke »

I try to read for half an hour before I go to bed. I find it relaxing and it helps me fall asleep easily.
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Post by Nena_Morena »

Last year I went through a rough time, so every night before I went to bed I used to read a book for kids to relax and have nice thoughts.
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Post by Haute_Coffee »

I have insomnia and a dr recommended I read to fall asleep. I had to laugh since I’m known to miss sleep when a book is too good to put down.
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Post by Snowhite189 »

My day is incomplete without reading but I prefer it at night time before going to bed where everyone is sleep so I can focus more on my book without any disturbance.
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Mkpo ikana
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Post by Mkpo ikana »

yes" I do sometimes when sleep do not want to come I pick up a book a read then I go to sleep.
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Post by Alena_Surya »

YES! but it's not new books. It's mostly just reading the same books I've read a million times before.
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Post by pricklypurple »

I've never tried to do this intentionally. Often, I will drift off to sleep while reading, but it's usually no fault of the book and I wish I could stay awake longer.
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arinola grace
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Post by arinola grace »

Yes, i went to boarding school and we have a compulsory siesta and I've been reading this book for the past three days so i decide to continue and in a few minutes i'm off to sleep. That was the only novel i read for two weeks, it was that boring and i skipped a lot of pages.
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Post by dianaterrado »

Yes but most of the time I end up not getting any sleep. 😂
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Post by _Delly_01 »

I don't deliberately choose a book to fall asleep to, but it always happens. There have been times where my hand has jerked because I've felt my Kindle slipping, and then I'll close it to go to sleep. Lol. It's rare that I don't fall asleep while reading late at night. It's the best way to fall asleep. Not because a book is boring, but because it's peaceful. Unless it's a horror or an action-packed scene. Then I have to turn on the light to read that scene before settling down again.
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Amber Nichole
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Post by Amber Nichole »

I've tried it without successful results. :lol: It would have to be a really boring book OR I would have to already be exhausted. If the book is even moderately interesting and my eyelids aren't already half-way down, I'll likely stay up all night reading. It's so counterproductive for me.
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Post by Firefawkes »

Too often do I wake up in the morning with my book on the floor and my page unmarked! Oftentimes books will keep me up late with their storyline, but when they reach a slower point I'll suddenly fall asleep!
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Post by -Bookworming- »

Well I used Gulliver Travels to make me sleep all the time in last grade. I don't know why...but i didn't like reading that book at all and it made me go :roll2:
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Post by RoxieReads »

For me, it is quite the opposite! If a book is good, I stay up much too late to read it and won't be able to sleep after because I will think about what could possibly happen next in the story.
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Post by Aditi Sapate »

:lol: No. I've tried but I can't fall asleep while reading. I can fall asleep while watching a TV series but never during a book.
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