Featured Official Review: The Morning Mind

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Miriam Molina
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Re: Featured Official Review: The Morning Mind

Post by Miriam Molina »

My Lizard grunts, but I have to fight it. I'm eager to read this and make my life, not just my mornings, better. Good morning!

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Post by Washboard »

As winter approaches, my Lizard brain is going to tell me to stay in my warm bed longer in the mornings. Maybe I should read this one to get my Wizard into top shape! Great review!
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B Creech
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Post by B Creech »

Thanks for an excellent review! As I was reading the sample, I wasn't very sure if I wanted to read this book. Your review brings out many interesting points. I am not one of the people who can jump out of bed and start my day either. I learned a lot about the brain in nursing school but never heard anyone call the parts reptilian, mammalian, and human. The names of Lizard and Wizard are apt for the description the authors give of their function. My biggest hang-up with reading the book is the focus on our brains formed through evolution, which I do not believe. I will ponder on this for a while and decide later. (I guess that's my Lizard working)! Again, thanks for the review!
B. Creech

Nathan Berner
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Post by Nathan Berner »

The idea that we have a reptilian part of our minds that wants to keep us safe and comfortable is so fascinating! It's kind of funny to think of it like how the authors suggested, that we have an inner lizard in our brains! This sounds like a great book for people who want to be more productive (it seems really helpful!).

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Katherine Smith
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Post by Katherine Smith »

I laughed when I read your review because I am also one of those people who drags herself out of bed and would rather stay in it. I like that the authors broke down complex topics into bite-sized pieces that could be easily understood by anyone. I can see that sometimes I let the Lizard dictate my future instead of listening to the Wizard. In reference to your question, I would rather be an influential person who takes charge of my life than a victim.
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Post by Everydayadventure15 »

I’m not much of a morning person so this book may be just what I need to get my mind on the right track. Thanks for the helpful review!

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Post by Misael »

A book that offers to help us understand our minds better. Written in a language understandable by an average person means I don't have to pause my reading and Google techical terms that take mind off the plot of the novel is my kind of book. Congrats!

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Post by jeminah28 »

Thanks for the review. Reading the sample hook me to continue in devouring this book. Since it is about the morning, everybody can relate. I'm not an early riser, but morning hunger is my alarm clock. I also like the presentation of the organs' time frame. Your review drives me to read it further.
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Post by Scerakor »

I definitely love a good book that tells me how my brain and body work in concert together!

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Post by LV2R »

It is good to know that the authors make neuroscience understandable and useful for practical purposes. Understanding how different parts of our brain work helps us know how to master our lives by using our wizard brain. I am glad to hear that the book is well written and well researched.

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Katie Canedy
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Post by Katie Canedy »

This book sounds totally immersing and it is one that I think will benefit me a lot! Thank you for such an honest review. :)
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Karina Nowak
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Post by Karina Nowak »

I've honestly struggled for years with being a morning person and thought it was just the way I was, but while reading this I realised that I actually have no problems with mornings anymore. I quit my stressful job months ago and have been focusing on doing what I want now. I get up every morning now with purpose. I've been so focused on reaching my goals I unknowingly mastered tapping into my wizard and subdued my lizard without knowing it! Thanks for the review!

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Post by Momiji1987 »

I like to understand the mind and body in concert and how they work together. Lizard vs wizard is pretty catchy!

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Post by rokisheik »

A good book can make a good person. And this book has this ability. This book very helped me realize to make a good decision with very smoothly. I think everyone needs to study this book at least once. :D

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ReyvrexQuestor Reyes
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Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes »

This is a must-read for people who fail to rise pleasantly in the mornings. The Monday blues surely make an appearance after a nice weekend escapade, and so the human biorhythm needs readjustment at this juncture. I am convinced, it is the easy-going mammalian brain that is always in effect for me. Great review.
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