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Re: Romeo and Juliet

Post by nikkyteewhy »

I read this book once and I do not want to read it again. I find it totally disturbing.

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Post by Tbunde5 »

The problem with “Romeo and Juliet” is that it has become nothing more than a cliche today. Any boy who is in love is a “Romeo.” No one ever says, “She’s such a Juliet.” The themes have been copied by countless books and movies. It has been called the epitome of romance. U fortunately, is was a tragedy.

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Post by P0tt3ry »

I liked Romeo and Juliet, although it's not Shakespeare's best work. Reading it out loud and then watching Westside Story was a rite of passage in our house.

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Post by Hey Alyssa »

Everyone seems to wholeheartedly love the book, Romeo and Juliet, for it supposedly convey the concept of true love. A true love with a tragic ending, an idea that will make the readers shed a few tears. Romeo and Juliet had proved their sincerity towards each other. And yet, it wasn't enough to obtain their sweetest dreams. And then I ponder, what is the conflict that makes them end with a tragic ending? Is it a mere miscommunication between the two party? Or is it something that I wasn't able to notice just yet?

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Post by Mely918 »

Romeo and Juliet was one of my least favorite books to read for school. It just seemed like a story about two teenagers being young and impulsive. I fail to understand why it's considered by many the best love story of all time. Maybe because of it's writing? :eusa-think:

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Post by Kailani_Fox »

Romeo and Juliet was a fantastic play to read for English class, because there were so many elements you could discuss, but I would never read it again on my own time. The characters just didn’t stir up any emotions within me. It was more as though I was watching two teenagers make a large amount of bad decisions than watching two young lovers fight to be together. Their relationship just didn’t appear authentic, and when they died for one another it didn’t make me feel anything. It was brilliantly written, however, and I can only respect Shakespeare for that.

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Mahrukh Zaman
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Post by Mahrukh Zaman »

Romance and True Love:
Though Romeo and Juliet was one of my favourite stories at school.One thing is evident from this story is that a time comes when true lovers get separated. Its the circumstances that make them apart either by misunderstandings or by death.

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Post by palilogy »

Lovely story but the ending is too clean and cliche for my taste now.

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Post by lakensteele20 »

This is probably the best known book in the world & I think it's lovely. The ending will make your heart skip a beat.

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Post by pricklypurple »

I think Romeo and Juliet was forced upon me at such an early age and reinforced throughout my schooling that it has become ingrained in me. It's not my favorite Shakespeare piece. It is a bit too tragic for me, but there is no question that the man had a beautiful way with verse.

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Post by Jeyasivananth »

I read the book during college too. However, I felt it was overrated and it certainly is not one of the best works of Shakespeare. I was shocked and disappointed to know the age of Romeo and Juliet and the number of days they knew each other before the tragedy.

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Post by bclayton13 »

I like Romeo & Juliet but I suppose that's because I don't read it as a love story. I read it as a warning against impulsiveness since it was, at its end, a tragedy. The language between the two lovers is beautiful and bittersweet because of what happens.

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Post by Githumaina19 »

Shakespeare did us all a favour to write this book,it moved some of us men who believe in true love to tears.

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Post by shaz1994 »

This is a book that I read over and over again

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Post by Northernbird84 »

I love the language, especially when you realise that the most likely reason Romeo & Juliet hasn't been translated to modern day English is because parts of it are absolutely filthy! (I can't help but laugh at that)

First time I read it was in school but it wasn't until I saw a live performance that I really began to enjoy it. The problem with reading Shakespeare is that it was never intended to be read, they are plays, not novels.

To truly appreciate it you need to see it performed live.
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