What faction would you have chosen at 16?

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Re: What faction would you have chosen at 16?

Post by Helen_Combe »

Probably Candor because they get good food and work indoors and I’m completely unable to tell ,it’s anyway.

I would have preferred Amity, but couldn’t face the cold showers.
I probably wouldn’t get into Erudite
Abnegation, too much like hard work
Dauntless, join a faction that will throw you out to starve once you get above a certain age? No thanks.
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Post by BookishCoffeeBlog »

I think I would have been born into Erudite and I would choose Erudite at the ceremony when I was 16. I love to learn new things and expand my knowledge, which is why I feel I would be in this faction. I would be lucky to not have to leave my family, which I appreciate because family is also really important to me.

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Post by teacherjh »

I think my family would be Erudite and I would be expected to follow based on my intellect. However, at the core of my being I seek peace so I would choose Amity in my heart. I don't know if I would have the strength to go against my family at age 16 though.

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Post by ArriettyClock »

At 16, I am quite sure I would have chosen Dauntless. However as an adult, I associate more with Erudite. This makes me wonder how successful a faction system based on character would be, especially as teenagers are often not the character they become as an adult. Unexpected experiences in their life may alter a character dramatically, and there's no way of changing faction!

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Post by CatlynnHighlights »

I would likely have been born into Candor because my family really values telling the truth. I would have chosen Erudite though.

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Post by Taekwondoqueen »

Both my friends and I agree that I would be dauntless. Either by birth or chosen, I do believe that to be my faction. I am very brave and a daredevil, always taking risks and doing dangerous things just for the thrill. I do, however, think that choosing at 16 seems to be cutting it kind of close. I mean, you would be choosing where it is your life is going and you can’t take it back, allow while trying to find out if David likes you or not.

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Post by AmySmiles »

I think Erudite has always suited me, growing up and now. I love reading and learning new things.
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Post by Gigareads »

When I was 16 I probably would have chosen Erudite. At that age school was the most important thing to me and seemed like such a big deal. If I were to have to pick now, I am not sure what I would have chose because each faction offers different benefits. As the books have taught us we don't have to be just one thing so I would probably end up being factionless.

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Post by sri varshini303041 »

My family would have been Candor... I would have chosen Amity. while my family centres on strict principles and morals, I am a free-spirited girl who can care less. I hate limitations. so dauntless would be fine too. I am short and my physical condition might not suit for Dauntless. but my will is strong. so, either Dauntless or Amity.

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Post by PGreen »

I was born into an Amity-type family, concerned about image, kindness, forgiveness, and peace for the sake of avoiding conflict. I did what was expected of me, so at 16 I might have dreamed of being Dauntless but remain in Amity. At heart though, I fit as an Erudite who loves education and growing in knowledge. At age 40 I would have wanted to change factions and follow my heart instead of doing what was expected.

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Post by sush_destiny »

I think I would be divergent , but will choose erudite, because I would be a good fit there.

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Post by Michael_Cries-a-ton »

Most definitely Erudite!

I was in the military when I was 16, (no, I didn't mean military school) and I found the most insufferable part of that experience being loneliness. I was the only one who read anything except for letters. I thirsted and hungered for intelligent conversation, a fellow geek, a nerd, anything! So at that age, I would definitely have been born Amity and converted to Erudite.

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Post by Fifi_eve12 »

Either Erudite or Abnegation- I'm not particularly honest, brave or peaceful. I'd honestly be really nervous about choosing my future and possibly leaving my family at 16, but I would use my test results to find out which faction to choose. If I was divergent, I would choose whichever I thought would have the easiest initiation (Gosh, I sound like an Erudite, don't I?!).

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Post by Ak1412 »

I think I would choose Abnegation. It seems like it would be a good fit for me.

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Post by Firefawkes »

I likely would have been born into Amity and would have likely chosen to remain in the community of Amity!

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