People treat you how you treat them?

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Re: People treat you how you treat them?

Post by Teddyquam »

I remember there was a lady who came in to my place of work one day, and she was absolutely furious. Her anger seemed misplaced as it was not with the organisation I worked at. But instead of getting security to escort her outside, I simply spoke with her to understand her anger. She was actually an entrepreneur and not just some 'crazy person'. She calmed down and even gave me her contact information. Sometimes all people need is someone to listen!
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Post by aftabyunis »

To treat people showing respect and kindness is one of the tool to overcome prejudice, unjust system and arrogance in the society.

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Post by cookiedough »

I agree with this statement to a degree. Most people will return your kindness. However, there will always be jerks who only take and give nothing in return. It's best to avoid these types if you can.

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Post by Barbara Larkin »

Give and take in equal measure. It might seem like some people are downright rude on first impression, but once you melt the ice and just smile and laugh a bit there's little to no friction. Treat people with dignity and respect and that's bound to come back.

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Post by anaplasticCerebrum »

CzechTigg wrote:
14 Jan 2016, 14:08
It's a funny one really. Some people seem suspicious of open warmth, and prefer formality. Often I know only with hindsight. I try to be decent most of the time but can be irritable, so may seem like I don't follow this mantra. But we are only human. I always give someone a second chance, unless they are clearly bad news.
I've noticed this too. Some people tell me it's an American thing, to prefer formality over relaxation and warmth. I think everyone should try to act kind but be understanding of others' feelings. If you can't do any good, at least don't act badly. I think second chances are always a good approach. We have no idea what's going on with people when we first meet!

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Post by joenduga12 »

While it is true that some people don't return kindness done to them, there is One who always repaid, unfailingly – Jehovah God. He is our maker and he is interested in, and takes notice of, how we treat our fellow humans. This fact should give us a boost to continue doing good, even to the ungrateful ones.

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Post by Yj_Besoy »

It depends on one's principles. However, majority of the population believe in that principle.

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Post by Readinggrl18 »

I agree that most people do in fact treat you as you treat them. I have met many people that I was warned ahead of time that they are off-putting and found them to be kind because I was kind to them. However, I have learned that there are people who are just mean. No matter what you do or say, some people are angry at the world and will take it out on anyone they meet.

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