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Re: Anime Music

Post by imSunshine »

i adore anime track music like one from naruto is very ingenious

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Post by TopaAzul062 »

@Nisha Ward Haven't gotten to it yet but did enjoy some of the music that was shared on YouTube.

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Post by Maralynx »

Well, there are many songs that I like. But I like motivational ones the most, so the OPs and EDs from sports animes are pretty good. Slam Dunk, KnB, Haikyuu, Baby Steps etc. have many good songs, but of course there are other genres I greatly enjoy, and I can say that I like every song from Gintama soundtrack. Gintama is godly. Shame it ended.
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Post by KCWolf »

I always loved the music from Cowboy Bebop and Serial Experiments Lain.

Recently, my niece and I started binging My Hero Academia, and I love the theme music! The characters are awesome too.
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Post by cyberyamato12 »

It's difficult to choose which anime song I like the fact that some anime songs that were in the past were as good as some modern songs at the present. they're mostly unique and wonderful to listen to because they differ mostly in their unique use of chords unlike and songs and music in the west which mediocre in their composition and arrangement.

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Post by LinaMueller »

It's really difficult to choose only one. I don't know why but I love Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z opening). It is so cheerful and soothing. :lol2:
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Post by Felicity Granger »

I love anime music. One that I'm focusing on right now is by the theme song from the Chinese anime Mo Dao Zu Shi. I also love the Attack on Titan. Every time I hear any song from the series I just picture the meme with the clutched chest reaction.

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Post by sschatzberg »

My favorite anime song is "Monochrome Kiss" from Black Butler. If you like anime songs and like to know their lyrics in english, look up AmaLee on youtube, she does english covers of anime songs.

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Post by Atara Miles »

I don't always learn the lyrics, if I do so at all. I actually enjoy the goofy, funky tune from Rosario to Vampire and the Chinese animes Psychic Princes (Tong Ling Fei) and Adorable Food Goddess. The songs tend to be very catchy and entertaining.

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Post by Leyla Ann »

I do listen to some anime music like Shingeki no Kyojin, I nearly listen to all of its OST.
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Post by Bighuey »

I dont like anime films at all but the soundtrack scores are very good for the most part. Michiru Oshima is a favorite.
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Post by Megapede »

Raising Fighting Spirit from Naruto.
Sadness and Sorrow from Naruto.
Grief and Sorrow from Naruto.
Fairy Tail Main Theme from Fairy Tail.
Binks Sake from One Piece.

The above are some of my favorites.

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Post by adamgreenrock »

I don't know why but Anime music always brings out my emotions more than any other music that came out in other entertainment values.

Of course, Naruto will always be on top for its music.

Zion Mesa
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Post by Zion Mesa »

"Again" by Yui and Morning by Ame No Parade.

I like j Rock music but almost none of the singing though so it's hard for me to love the genre.

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Post by revword »

Hey! I am a fan of anime! I love Kimeitsu no yaiba's (Demon slayer) intro Theme song and all Black clover's intro songs... Tho i think "My hero academia 3" Theme song gives me goosebumps😍

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