Readers, I'd appreciate if you could fill my survey which is for a project about reading habit.

Use this forum to talk about ebooks and ebook readers. Whether you have an ebook reader, are considering getting one or never plan on getting one and want to talk about why you think traditional books are better, use this forum for anything to do with ebooks or ereaders.
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Readers, I'd appreciate if you could fill my survey which is for a project about reading habit.

Post by saharsarab »

1. How many ebooks did you buy in the last year?
2. What platform do you use to read ebooks?
3. How many books did you finish in the last year that you think were waste of time (including ebooks and paper books)?
4. How many books did you drop after reading a portion, in the last year (including ebooks and paper books)?
5. When you are choosing a book to read, what helps you to make a better decision?
6. How often do you share quotes from books with people (including ebooks and paper books)?
7. If you do share content from books, in what way do you do it?
8. Have you ever had any of the following issues with reading ebooks? a. Not finding insightful ratings and reviews about books. b. Having to pay for books that you drop reading. c. Not being able to easily share parts of books with great insights with people who might be enjoy

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Post by Amina_Ibrahim »

1. 25 maybe, but mostly I check the daily free ones to find something good.
2. Aldiko.
3. Don't have an exact amount but maybe around 10-12.
4. Around 30, I guess!
5. The cover, then the blurb. If I'm confused even after this, then I go to reviews.
6. I have done this 3 times in my whole life.
7. In reviews mostly, or on twitter.
8. a) yep, mostly for newly published. b) No, I make sure I love the book before buying, don't have money to waste. c) Idk, don't like to give spoilers to people who have not read the book yet. but yeah, if it's an old book, I will share.

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Post by MissLady101 »

1-maybe 12-15 books. I always get a ‘Sample’ first to get a feel for the story.
2-Amazon & Good Reads
3-I would say 0! If I have read the ‘Sample’ & it doesn’t move me ....I’ll try a little further
4-Maybe 3, I’ve gotten through maybe 2 Chapters.
5- I check the Reviews / how many ⭐️s & the author’s story of the book.
6- I haven’t shared any quotes with other people. It’s something to think about 🤔 I do save quotes in ‘Pages’ of my iPad. Some quotes by people are just profound to know / meditate on. Authors like: Maya Angelou / Iyanla Vanzat.
7- I would show content just my mentioning the book / author.
8- So far, no! I haven’t had any issues with the Kindle. I did enjoy stepping up last yr to upgrade. I went from the 1st Generation with the light attached (so cool) - to the ‘White Paper Generation. I use all the features: saving new words learned, keep Notes if something said was profound, love highlighting, & I keep the ‘Font size a little larger - easier to read than ‘standard size font. Where else can you have over 500 books in one place, but the Kindle? Having a love for reading began at home at age 7. My beloved mother & I went would go to the library on Saturday afternoons. I got my first library card on my first visit. I felt so ‘grown up’. Well, I am in my 60’s now & I am still reading! Glad I could help 😊

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Post by Sinclairess »

Hi there! Happy to help, I love surveys.

1. 8
2. Kindle
3. 5
4. 25 (this is sad)
5. For a book to catch my eye, I need the cover to be relevant and inviting. The next step is if there is a description/summry. Books without summaries that only have reviews will not likely get a read from me.
6. Once a week.
7. I share via social media or forums on this site.
8. Yes, I have experienced every issue except: b. Having to pay for books that you drop reading.
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