I always have a problem with Comma

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Re: I always have a problem with Comma

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Caribqueen16 wrote:
19 Jun 2019, 18:18
A comma is used before every item in a series, except the last. For example, "He bought shoes, pants, shirts and socks in the store". A comma is always used between two or more adjectives that describe the noun. "The tall, green tree stood in the park". A comma separates a subordinate clause from the main sentence. "When it snows, you must use snow tires". A comma separates an introductory word or phrase in a sentence. "On evenings, we usually sit in the garden". A comma is used before the conjunction in a compound sentence. "I came to visit you, but you were not at home".
This is so helpful...Thank you.

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Comma usage can be such a personal thing. Depending on their style, different authors use it differently. It's such an important little mark that changes the entire pacing of your sentence. Adding all the finicky grammar rules on top of that just makes it even more of a mess to figure out. Thanks to everyone for the extra sources!

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I typically follow the rules listed on this site: https://www.businessinsider.com/a-guide ... use-2013-9

When in doubt, I just reword the sentence.

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On my goodness I just got dinged really bad for wrong placement of commas I am glad to hear this happens to others. Thanks for the sugestions.

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I make a lot of errors with commas as well. I come from the Caribbean and we use the British style of writing. I've realized their commas are differently placed. I got better marks on my reviews when I started using Grammarly. That's my new favorite app

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I'm ecstatic I found this topic, I struggle with Comma too and I'm looking forward to reading tips on how to get better.

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