Thoughts on music in a foreign language

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Re: Thoughts on music in a foreign language

Post by eastandalchemy »

I've always enjoyed listening to music in other languages. I studied world languages in college and quickly learned that listening to music in the target language is one of the best ways to cultivate an appreciation of a new language and culture. You don't need to understand every word (or any word for that matter), to connect with a song.
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Post by melel_jo »

I can barely understand the lyrics when they're sung in English, so language really doesn't make a difference to me.
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Post by April Ruvs »

Language usually for me isn't an issue I find it to be a learning opportunity, also the beat at times is more important as well as the tempo regardless of the lyrics are saying. I also found it was easier to study listening to a song I didn't understand.
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Post by Alisha7824 »

I fully believe that music a universal language. Whether it be foreign or not the meaning and thoughts behind it is the same.❤
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Post by Charlie19 »

I definitely do not it when i do not understand a single thing the singer is saying..It makes me angry, like what the heck is he talking about..I would rather not listen
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Post by Kansas City Teacher »

Listening to music in a foreign language is one of the best ways to learn that language. Kids love it, and if it's a familiar melody, they will try to figure out which words mean what.
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Post by Sinclairess »

For me, music is first and foremost about sound. If my ears like it, that's good enough for me.

The better the song sounds to me, I don't usually care what the words are saying, but I memorize them anyway. Later, after I memorize them I find a translation to get to the next level: understanding the music and what it is trying to tell me.

For instance, this is very, very sad, but I memorized each and every ending theme for the Inuyasha anime but I have noooo idea what all of them are saying.... :eusa-shifty: :oops:
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Post by Heatholt »

I love to listen to music in other languages. I have also found that it has really helped me with my pronunciation. For instance, when I was trying to learn Spanish, I would listen to Spanish music and focus on pronunciation.
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Post by Amanda Deck »

I'm not really interested in music so the lyrics matter completely to me. I like translating the lyrics, then, if I appreciate the message, I try to sing along (in my mind or in a whisper; I don't want to torture anyone!). There have been a couple of rare occasions in which I enjoy the music even when the message isn't one I like, but not often. I listen to German songs.
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Post by Maralynx »

God, those kinds of songs are always such a find! If it's fast-paced, my heart rate goes up in anticipation and the rhythm of the words sung. Some songs just hit you hard, because you can hear emotions, while the others make you want to get up and start an uprising because you're more than aware that too much has gone askew.
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Post by Felicity Granger »

I don't see how you can find something distasteful by way of the simple fact that you are unable to understand it. I frequently find myself listening to music in languages I am utterly foreign to, but the beat, vocals or something about the song captivates me and I find myself wanting to understand it.
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Post by mrnobody3 »

I really enjoyed foreign language songs no matter what genre I listen to. Whenever I listen to the songs and I attached to them I immediately search the words from the lyrics to find the meaning. Spanish and French are my favourite songs.
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Post by Mrsbrinson31101 »

I sometimes like it more than my own language's music.
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Post by nana7613 »

Music should not have a language barrier. I was watching a TV series last night and sang along to a Chinese song. It was a song I had learned back in high school and found absolutely beautiful. Sometimes you do not need to understand the lyrics, the melody on its own can convey the message.
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Post by sschatzberg »

I like those kinds of music. Sometimes I spend too much time trying to figure out what lyrics on songs are (which is why I don't like rap, can't hear what they're saying most of the time). With foreign songs, you can hear the tone and emotion and not worry about the lyrics.

Does anyone remember when the english version of 99 Luftballoons came out? Everyone thought it was this cool song but it was actually about nuclear warfare.
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