2 poems 1 story

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2 poems 1 story

Post by trumpetgirl21 »

Wedding in White

The fresh fragrance of roses
Perfumed the late June air
The sun smiled down gently
On the assembled crowd
Seated in rows of white folding chairs
Decorated in thick silky bows.
The groom waits patiently
For the familiar march,
To announce the coming of his bride.
The music brings the assembly to their feet
All heads turn to watch
As petals are tossed
And the bride floats down the aisle
Regally radiant in her elegant gown
Blushed pink cheeks glowing softly against all white
She takes his hand
And won’t let go
Their true love is professed for all to know
Their lips touch softly
And a cheer goes up
Their loved ones wish them good luck
And pray for many shared and happy days

A wedding in white
The color of life

White in Death

The sharp smell of lilies
Encompasses all, gathered together in the late fall
The sun is hiding behind angry clouds
Pouring down tears
A circle of black umbrellas
Surrounds a freshly dug hole headed by a squat stone
A procession of swollen eyed mourners
Bending weakly into the wind
Shuffle slowly to the melody of the stinging rain
After reaching the freshly dug earth and hole
The onerous coffin they've carried
Is gently lowered down
Down into the raw earth
To rest in perpetuity
When all is quiet
And nothing is stirring but a faint wind
A familiar tune whispers softly over the graves
At last
They join hands once again
Their love is renewed and stronger still
Defeating the challenge of time apart
Their embrace is long and the tears start to fall
All the memories they've shared and all those to come
Flash through their minds
Happy at last they settle down together to rest

A wedding in black
The color of death
Though with happiness and light
They only see white

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Post by aakicee »

this is beautiful ...thank you


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Post by johappy »

Tbis is amazing.... Well done.

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Post by Teenbookworm7 »

:o I cried

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Post by Sweetp120 »

they were both good and deep. I was just confused by the second only because its a procession for one but ends up being for two. and the last 4 lines are the most I guess confusing for me as what if its not just white they see. what if its gold or silver or red. Those colors are pure in their own rights.

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Post by IamShing »

That is something emotional. I adore you for creating two pieces while interconnecting the first to the second.
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Post by Hayley2-0 »

These poems leave me wondering if I've missed another meaning to them that might be deeper than what I understood. They are really good.

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Post by CharlizeGwapa »

You are doing a good job..Both pieces are made with conviction.

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Post by _mari2002_ »

The first one was more of a good lovely story not a deep lovely poem. A poem is suppose to catch your attention make you feel like it’s you make you realize something. This was more of a story of someone but not make you fall deeply in love with it. There were some good parts but it needs words that catch your attention fully, But it wasn’t that bad. :)

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Post by kelseydwf »

Lovely! The first poem was definitely simpler and more straightforward, with an obvious theme. The second poem was a bit more surprising and enticing, which I really like. It felt compelling and drew in the reader, and left more to the imagination. For me, it evoked a stronger emotional connection and painted a more vivid description. Definitely keep working on these and they will be perfect! I love the two together.
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Post by imSunshine »

Thanks for sharing it to us..It is very meaningful work

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