Did your views on guns change?

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Re: Did your views on guns change?

Post by Prisallen »

My views haven't changed since I basically agree with the author. I agree that guns should be harder to get.

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Post by KCWolf »

I'm only half-way through the book, thus far my views have not changed. I have always been fairly open-minded on the issue; though I feel that they are hazardous when in the wrong hands.
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Post by maggi3 »

This book did not change my views on guns. I already agreed with what the author was saying, but it brought up new issues for me to think about. For example, the idea that police have to assume that everyone they come into contact with has a gun which makes them more likely to make rash decisions is something I hadn’t considered. I feel like someone who is strongly pro gun might start to consider new issues while reading this book, but they probably won’t change their overall belief. At the end of the day, this is fiction, and it is dramatized to some extent.

Atara Miles
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Post by Atara Miles »

My views remained the same. I still think that there's no way the ownership and use of guns is gonna be stopped any time in the next century, quite possibly until something more advanced and destructive comes along. I'm still of the opinion that certain changes need to be made to the licensing system and laws refined to keep up with these changes, and the selection process for those who are allowed to carry guns more thorough.

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Post by Namaste23 »

My opinion on gun control didnt change but it did make it stronger. Reading stories of shootings, even though they were fictional, made me more aware of what people are capable of and how putting guns in their hands is probably not the best idea.

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Post by Erandi Ekanayake »

Actually what I always believe is guns are harmful. So there was nothing left in my mind to be changed regarding the guns. I never dream to own a gun for myself and would like to ask the gun owners to use the guns just for the sake of self defence, but not to kill others.

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Post by Mounce574 »

No. I believe wholeheartedly in our Second Amendment Rights and feel that the author was very negative about gun ownership. I am also in the belief that guns don't kill people, people kill people. The rules that apply for gun ownership are strict but that doesn't stop criminals from still getting them.
I personally own several guns and at no point have I ever considered murdering someone. If my life and my family's life is at risk I will not hesitate to defend myself with deadly force. The biggest issue I see is people pull the gun and wave it around like that is power over people. I was trained that if I pull my weapon to pull the trigger. I believe that guns should be used as a last resort for self-defense, hunting in the case of rifles, and firing range training.
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