Do you think Tris made the right faction choice?

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Re: Do you think Tris made the right faction choice?

Post by sush_destiny »

Yes she did. Instead of settling for the comfortable and familiar, she chose something she liked. That takes a lot of strength.

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Post by dorebri2020 »

I believe it was the right choice and it advanced her character well. Seeing her in Abnegation would have nullified her character and made her into someone simple, but she would have been suffering as well. Honestly, I would love to see Tris in Erudite though. She is clearly intelligent, and it would have been interesting to see the story from behind enemy lines.
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Post by Mallory Whitaker »

I think that being a Dauntless made her more callous. While it made her physically and mentally stronger, I think that she adopted a narrow perspective. Perhaps it was just bringing out those things in her, but as she tested positive for other factions, I think they could have brought out more admirable traits. Erudite would have made her smarter, although it would have also made her dehumanize others for the sake of knowledge. I think Abnegation would have been the best choice for her and would have brought out her best self.

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Post by rumik »

I think she made a pretty good decision going into Dauntless. If she chose Abnegation she'd just be following in her family's footsteps. By choosing Dauntless, she became her own independent person.

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Post by Browneh »

She needed a drastic change from what she previously knew. I feel that it would be easiest to hide in Dauntless as a divergent. Although I do find it hard to believe that people can be categorized so simply.

Atara Miles
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Post by Atara Miles »

I think Tris would have been stifled in any other faction. She felt so hard fitting in at Abnegation that Amity was definitely out of the question and maybe even Candor. I think her only real choices were Erudite and Dauntless, though she wouldn't have chosen the former because of her father's obvious aversion to them. From the start you could see that she longed to be a part of Dauntless and I felt it opened her eyes more than any other faction would or could.

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Post by banevius »

Originally, no, I don't think she made the right choice. I think originally, she should've chosen Amity or Abnegation. Over time; however, she showed that she was driven to become something completely different than what she started out as. So in the end, I think she made the right choice.

Her initiation changed her into becoming something completely different than what she was used to. She was driven to become Dauntless. I don't think she would've change very much if she'd chosen one of the other factions:

Abnegation: she would've fit in since it was what she was used to, but it wouldn't have brought about any changes in her
Amity: she would've fit in, but it wouldn't have brought about any big changes in her
Erudite: she wouldn't have chosen because she wouldn't have fit in
Candor: she wouldn't have chosen because she wouldn't have fit in

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Post by GiselleBengochea »

:lol: I think that Tris had made the appropriate decision to join the Dauntless faction. As a matter of fact, she fit in perfectly as a member of this new faction, then when she was a member of Abnegation. I believe this switch prepared her for the anarchy that was to come.

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Post by Balena »

Dauntless shaped Tris into who she is. Seeing her in Abnegation definitely made her the same as her family, and you could easily see her growth and independence when she came into Dauntless. It suited her, so she did make the correct choice.

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Post by Barbie_sidhu »

Yes! Otherwise the story would have been lame.

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