Catrin a good heroine?

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Catrin a good heroine?

Post by Jsovermyer »

Was Catrin a good heroine for the story? I thought that she was because she was willing to give up love to save her father. She didn't want to desert her countrymen even when they thought her a traitor. What did you think of her?

Farida Bali
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Post by Farida Bali »

Catrin absolutely was a good heroine, a lot of reader criticise her for giving up Marcellus but heroes make hard choices and that was one she had to make.

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Post by fictaddict »

In this novel, Catrin had to be brave, think quickly, and make hard decisions. She used her abilities to help those she loved, too. Seems like a good heroine to me!

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Post by Bavithra M »

Yes, In my opinion Catrin is definitely a good heroin of the story. This character has been well developed by the author.

Vitter Krane
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Post by Vitter Krane »

yeah, she was heroic. Her people came first.

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Post by Theresam »

I think Catrin is a great heroine. She’s well defined as a character and multi-dimensional. She’s flawed but tries to do the right thing. I love that the hero is a woman

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Post by chelhack »

Yes, I believe that giving up or making a sacrifice for what it is that you want or believe in will most of the time make that person at least someone that deserves a heroine type of respect.
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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ »

I believe she was a great heroine. Sacrifices are the best quality of any heroine, and she did it perfectly.

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Post by Theresam »

I think she was a good heroine - I liked that she was a warrior and could take care of herself. She was definitely flawed.

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Post by CBCollinsReview »

I agree that Catrin was a good protagonist. She had conflicting interested concerning her loyalty to her family and her love for Marcellus. Throughout the story, she appeared to remain loyal to both factions, so long as they were in the right. This showed a strength of character of Catrin's part, as she did not let love nor family loyalty dictate her actions, but rather what she thought was the right thing to do.

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Post by rubinelli »

Catrin was a good heroine. I like the concept of Catrin, at least. I liked that she both embraced her druid powers and was trained to use many weapons. I wish we were able to see more sides of her personality. For the majority of the book, Catrin seems very sure of herself. She never really panics. She's always calm and collected. I wanted to see more of scared Catrin, hesitant Catrin, lonely Catrin, joyful Catrin, hungry Catrin, etc.

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Post by sush_destiny »

I liked her. A pretty strong female heroine of the story. Except for the whole romance with Marcellus thing which wasn't well written.

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Post by winecellarlibrary »

Catrin is a fantastic heroine. Despite knowing that Marcellus is her soulmate, she has never swayed or faltered about her loyalty to her family. She has stated many times that she would never leave with Marcellus.
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