The Facebook prank on Tito?

Discuss the March 2016 Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin.

(Note, Carrie Rubin's previous book The Seneca Scourge was book of the month in December 2012. :) )
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Re: The Facebook prank on Tito?

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HorrorFan87 wrote:I honestly thought the prank was quite childish. As a few others have mentioned above, there were other ways to get back at Calvin. By going through with this prank, Jeremy and Tito suffered more as a result. Instead of finding an adult or telling a parent, these kids stooped down to Calvin's level and because bullies themselves. Even though Jeremy wanted nothing to do with the prank, I feel like he had kind of changed his mind about the entire thing later on in the story. We see this when they run into Calvin at school. Jeremy lets the cat out of the bag that Courtney wasn't real and it sparked a lot of trouble for Tito and himself as the story ran on. Another thing too is the repercussions that came out of the action. Tito and Jeremy not being able to hang out anymore, Tito being banned from Facebook for creating the false account, etc...these are all actions that could have been avoided and that honestly caused more harm than the prank. Here we have Jeremy who needs friendship and someone who really cares about him, and then the boys go and blow it with this prank. That was a very firm lapse in judgment and I blame Tito for not listening to Jeremy in the first place. Granted, boys will be boys and I know in bullying situations kids want to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights...but this is the wrong way to do it. The boys, as I stated earlier, should have talked to their parents or to a teacher for help. Nothing might not have been done aside from a firm talking to but it still would have been something other than cyber bullying.

I agree completely!
Latest Review: "Justified Anger" by Jennifer Colne
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