Connie's Lie

Discuss the March 2016 Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin.

(Note, Carrie Rubin's previous book The Seneca Scourge was book of the month in December 2012. :) )
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Re: Connie's Lie

Post by Lovely_Loreley »

Sarah G wrote:I had a feeling that she had also latched onto the lie herself as she seemed to have such a detailed story. Maybe living through that lie made the past for her a bit more bearable as she felt ashamed of who she had been with.
Good point! I think in a lot of cases, the more often you tell a lie, the more you believe it yourself. And that of course has its own dangers. But I can totally see how Connie might have latched onto the story as a way to cope with her life. The lie was probably much easier to bear than the truth.
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Post by iluvmusicmana »

In my own personal situation I know it wouldn't bother me to find out my biological was dead or alive simply because he and I have never had a relationship anyways. However, not everyone feels the same way about this. Therefore, it would be better for her, especially for her own relationship with her son, to tell the truth that either he was dead now or was alive (if she lied about him being dead when he was not). Lying is unavoidable, as we are human, but intentionally going about it just to avoid a sensitive topic or deeper discussion is just wrong. She should have told him the truth and let it be what it is. Now she has probably hurt their relationship and he has every right to be upset about it.
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Post by sarahpayne23 »

Parenting is hard, but I disagree with Connie's lie about Jeremy's father. Although it would be more difficult to explain and field the questions from Jeremy, I believe he should have been told the truth in a way a child could comprehend. I believe Jeremy's reaction was entirely appropriate for a teenager.
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Post by MatthewAlexander »

I could see myself doing what Connie did, becwuse she truly thought it would be better for her to lie. If I were a mother, I would do whatever I thought was best for my child. I agree with her decision, too; she had every right to believe Jeremy was better off not knowing about his father, since Connie hardly knew him and then he went to jail. I can, however, understand Jeremy's reaction. As a mother, I would have kept this secret, but as a child I would have wanted to know. It's a very delicate situation.
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Post by Paliden »

Seriously, that is huge. I think that Connie was very wrong for doing that. I would have been crushed to find that out!
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