The Five People You Meet In Heaven ~ Pages 0-31

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Re: The Five People You Meet In Heaven ~ Pages 0-31

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I think Eddie is a very interesting character as it is hard to know if he is 100% a hero.

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I'm new to Online Book of the Month Club and The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is one of the best books I've ever read! I didn't read it until I saw the TV movie version, but was so impressed with Jon Voight in the movie, I had to read the book. Just as I expected, the book was better than the movie and did not disappoint.

This story was an enjoyable read and although the book didn't deal with the heaven of religion, it presented the idea of one man's afterlife. Instead of the traditional ideas of heaven, the main character, Eddie, met five people who told him something about his life that he never knew or realized about his life or understood the value of. Even though it was not the life he had been fully satisfied with, he found that each person and each act had a specific meaning for him.

One of my favorite parts was when one of the last people he meets in a sense put him through a symbolic act that redeemed him of something he'd done that he'd always agonized over. Each person represented a symbolic understanding that Eddie hadn't fully realized because he couldn't take all details into consideration. This occurred at another time without symbolism when Eddie was directly told that his actions were never a failure at all. He finally realized in death that his job at the amusement park was far more important than he'd ever given himself credit for and exactly what the outcome of his last action was!

I was so pleased with this book that I often recommend it to others. After sharing the title, I add that it's not a religious book, so don't let the name of the book deter them from reading it! I could truly identify with the characters either personally or through people in my own life. I think the story told here could give many a real value to themselves that they never knew they had. The character Eddie is like many real-life people who might think they have missed a real chance in life because they'd been dealt a bad hand in life or due to a situation that was out of their hands.

I would definitely read The Five People You Meet in Heaven again, too!

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