Atonement ~ Final Discussion, Whole Book

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Re: Atonement ~ Final Discussion, Whole Book

Post by avid reader28 »

Well, it was a great read, I definitely recommend the book for anyone who loves good literature :)
The character's are well developed and anyone could relate to them.

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Post by ashton_cash »

We had to read this for an English class of mine and I was completely moved by it. I am a very emotional reader at times so hearing about all the hurt, hunger, and just the overall difficult life that the characters had to go through really struck a chord in me. I would definitely recommend this book to others, though I would warn them about the content, as some of it is difficult to imagine at times. Sadly, I think I am one of the few in class that actually enjoyed reading it (not very surprising to me considering I was the weird one that liked to read as opposed to everyone else who thought it was stupid). Overall, I would definitely recommend this book and am so glad I read it and was able to input my discussion on here as well.

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