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Post by Timpane »

I believe the entire apply of the publication is that it is narrated by a juvenile young man with autism. It is intriguing reading how he advances and agreements with the difficulties that he faces all through the book. Some components of the publication, especially when he is employed his way through a difficulty have the seem of a text book

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Post by BookBuddy »

I really loved it.
However thinking about the story later, and I have no knowledge of autism, I am not sure an autistic guy could get by himself to another city by train and get to his mother when he doesn't know where she lives. especially when he is afraid of noise and commotion.

All and a all putting logic aside it's a great book and I recommend reading it!

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Post by mokey »

From the viewpoint of mental health our understanding of autism continues to expand. The narrator is at best a composite of those with better outcomes, but what a delightful composite. I so enjoyed this book I have bought and given away multiple copies.

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Post by carlotabs »

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Post by slight »

I started to read it a really long time ago, I was burning through all my Mom's Reader Digest novels, and it was in one of those. However, I couldn't get into it (probably because I wasn't very old) then discovered it on a recommended "Books to Read" list and have been meaning to try it again. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it :)

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Post by Nettan0512 »

Absolutely loved it. Great lesson to humanity. Christopher taught me so much!! Very good teacher!
Had heard of the Asperger syndrome but never really knew what it was. Congratulations to the author!!

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[quote="MatDatPhatKat"]I read this book some time ago. I've got to say that I didn't enjoy it. I appreciate that it was quite clever, but, as a man with no experience of Aspergers Syndrome, I just found it dull. That's not to suggest that it isn't any good. I just prefer weightier, more epic tomes. I'd suggest that, like the Da Vinci Code, this book is in real danger of being over-hyped. If people expect too much from a book, they'll end up disappointed.[/quote]

Perhaps you should try to inform yourself as to what autism is and the asperger syndrome. Don't stay ignorant!

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Post by agarcia1690 »

I loved this book. I would have loved a different ending, or maybe even for it to be longer but it was great. This is definately one of my favorite new reads.

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Post by AlexandraHartwick »

I absolutely adored this book; the autistic boy's perspective was very unusual and interesting to read, although it was very short (finished the book after barely 2 days!) but I would higly recommend it. Also, I liked the parts where he thinks of other peoples' ways of seeing things; which he couldn't understand at all. It was surprising to realize that such ordinary things that we see everyday can be such a challenge for an autistic person.
Definitely worth reading.

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Post by Johnbrowse »

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Post by KirkB »

I really enjoyed this book - I read it quite some time ago so can't remember all the details, although I did like how the page numbers (or was it chapter number) were all in prime numbers.

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Post by Sam_Timmins »

i thought it was really interesting to get a perspective of an autistic child. i know that chris is happy in his world and although he didn't care when he was bullied, it was upsetting when he was called 'spazza' because especially after you get to know chris, its horrible that someone would take the mick out of him. This is emphasised by the fact that chris didn't understand what they meant.

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Post by cheeseburger »

This is one of my favorite books when I read it in middle school. I read it again this year (age 20), and realized for the first time what an extraordinary impact it has had on my writing style. I love the way facts are used to tell unrelated truths. I love the tie between fact and fiction, truth an reality. Moreso than I cared about the story, I loved the style of this book.

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Post by jayceeme2010 »

Interesting story line.

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Post by trackon »

I want to start reading this book but don't know how.

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Post by Pluck »

I know this is an old post but I only actually read this book last week. I too read it in one sitting and found it fantastic. some of it is quite funny but there are also some touching and quite sad parts. His innocence is what really moved me and it was interesting to see how a person with aspergers looks at the world. I found his trip to London quite interesting and the way he managed to navigate throough the city and find his mother.

My brother is special needs and I can recognise some of the mannerisms in christopher in my brother. My brother has not got aspergers or autise but he is very ordered and good at remembering lists and numbers so it gave me as aspect into his head too.

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