Discussion of Frankenstein

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How do you rate Frankenstein?

1 star - poor, recommend against reading it
2 stars - fair, okay
3 stars - good, recommend it
4 stars - excellent, amazing
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Re: Discussion of Frankenstein

Post by npandit »

What I loved about this book was not necessarily the story line or the characters; which were unique and interesting too--but all the questions that it raised:

--Do people get carried away with their abilities and creations without thinking about what they are doing and what repercussions their actions might have?
--What if all of humanity, in its benevolence and malevolence, is just a freak accident?
--What does it mean to be good and evil?

I can't believe the author was so young when she wrote this book.
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Post by jamespoet »

I loved the book, but the biggest issue I had was that Frankenstein, who oushed so hard to be a man of learning and a hard scientist above all else, constantly ran away and behaved very irrationally whenever the monster ran amok. I can understand the initial fears taking hold and taking over rational thought, but for him to keep going on with these irrationalities just seemed like the author had a mild slip-up in the continuity. I can still keep reading the book without giving this much thought, but still it's a mild bother upon reflection.
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Post by fitzthegreat »

I strongly believe that this story is so much more complex than it leads up to be. I studied in Yosemite, CA at a highly academically intense educational program based around the humanities. We studied Frankenstein along with Paradise Lost and the Brothers K. Frankenstein is highly loaded with philosophical questions that make you step back and truly think about what it means to be human and what it means to play God. I love it!

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Post by ttuso22 »

I was completely surprised by this book. I had heard the story before but the actual book was so much different. It was sad but unique. A story of man at his best and worst with the environment given him. Even if you have heard this story, I would encourage you to read this book. There is so much missed in the other variations of the story!
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Post by ipekbunsal »

I loved this book and I've written a review about it, I should share it here.
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Post by dheyd »

I had to read Frankenstein for a Literary Criticism class and couldn't believe that the book is different from what I always perceived it to be. As a class we analyzed the sublime and Gothic elements that are throughout, along with some of the major themes of the book. I highly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others.

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Post by NanoWasabi »

My least favorite part was how Dr. Frankenstein created the monster intentionally, knowing full well what he was trying to do, and then run away and show it that it could never be accepted, even by it's own creator.
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Post by RebekaV »

I was planning to read this for ages, and still haven't gotten around it...
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Post by Dando »

I still haven't read this classic, but it is certainly on my list! I think I will save it for next Halloween. I love reading her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft’s, writing and I love the feminist inspiration of this book. I kept my eyes closed as I scrolled this forum to avoid any spoilers, but I am looking forward to reading it.
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Post by wendymm »

A fantastic book! I am so glad that I came across these forums today. I am really enjoying reading other people's thoughts on many of the books that I have already read.

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Post by jadeowyanhui »

Frankenstein is a sad story in which a good natured monster, through human ostracism, became a lost creature in the tundras at the end.

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Post by avid reader28 »

I gave the book 4/4 , it was an amazing book and I've read it several times since I was little.

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley , the book addresses several issues, I think it's about being outcast, different person, which I think Mary Shelley suffered a lot judging by her own sad life .
Marry Shelley in the book was battling her own demons , the old repetitive themes. Good vs Evil, Nature vs nurture.

The story is about young scientist, victor Frankenstein, who conducted a highly unusual,unorthodox scientific experiment. creating a gruesome creature.

I definitely recommend this wonderful book :)

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Post by dhaller »

I loved this book. To me, it spoke most about how hateful it could be to be unpopular and well-read.

I think the monster is one of the most sympathetic characters I've ever read.

Has anyone ever seen a movie made about Frankenstein that actually follows the book? Because I never have, and the monster we have in modern cinema is a sad reflection of Shelley's original.
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Post by litmonster »

I have read the story of Frankenstein multiple times, usually around October because that's just the best timing, silly, I know. Anyway, I have always been and still am fascinated by the story of Victor and the Creature. I've written papers about this book, happily, for classes because it intrigued me so much. The only problem is, after the first couple of reads, I really cannot stand the story from Victor's point of view sometimes. His actions and views as laid out are my least favorite parts of the book. I prefer the Creatures view, because I have more understanding for him than I do Victor. I do not like his willingness to turn vengeful, but so his creator showed him, there was nothing else left to him, which is a sad truth. I will probably still read it again at some point, the way you revisit old friends, or if perhaps you want a certain feel to a story you have and it feels most inspiring to you. It's certainly worth it. The discussion in my college class was excellent, the only thing I wish that was different was I would have loved a different professor's approach to discussion. Either way, it made some wonderful class hours drift by unnoticed, and I miss those days heartily.

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Post by CCtheBrave »

otleylovebug wrote:
The book offers so much more than the film I saw and I found it quite easy to read and although not a long novel it certainly had a punch to it. This novel is very relevant is today's society where there is so much interference with nature with the enviroment and genetics etc
I agree with you that the book has a lot of punch to it, but I had a hard time getting into the linguistic style of the writing. For me, that's a problem that I have with a lot of classics, though. I read Frankenstein a few years ago and I remember really enjoying the science fiction of the story.
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