People treat you how you treat them?

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Re: People treat you how you treat them?

Post by fari30 »

I do agree with this. It seems kinda of ridiculous for a person to be defensive or rude to someone who is only being kind towards them or if someone constantly manipulates people, people would catch on and not trust them and manipulate them in return. The way you treat someone puts forth an image of what you might be like and others would treat you that way.
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Naval Aulakh
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

It is completely true. Every one likes to be treated well and if you treat someone well then only he is gonna treat you well. Its like give and take.
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Post by eelavahs-jay »

I find that there are some people, who, no matter how much kindness you shower them in, will never reciprocate. There are others who are offended by even the smallest gesture of kindness, thinking you're being condescending or looking down on them. In this day and age you just never know what to expect. I try to be polite and kind to everyone though.

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Post by Elissabeta »

Its true you cannot be rude with a person who is polite with and respect you, everything is reciprocate. Some people say: "Treat others as you like to be treated."

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Brittany J
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Post by Brittany J »

I agree with this. I also think sometimes people who experience a lot of prejudice because of stereotypes act more kindly towards nice treatment because they know people hold these prejudices, and they feel the need to go out of their way to prove them wrong, which is really sad I think.

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Abiba Alice
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Post by Abiba Alice »

The idea that people will treat you as you treat them isn't necessarily true. Human beings are complex. You can shower someone with all the kindness in this world and they will still choose to not reciprocate.

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Post by dbulkley »

Generally, I would agree with this idea. There’s some people that are not nice to anyone though.
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Post by Chandler_Greg »

All of the major religions share a similar "Golden Rule": do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat people with respect and kindness if you would want them to treat you the same. We've moved further from this rule in the last few years, too many people taking their cue from a callous, racist, government.

For this reason, I think it's especially important that the book club's book of the day is presented in a Spanish version. There are millions of people in America whose first language is not English. If promoting a book in Spanish helps any of them feel more included and welcome, it's a valuable example.

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Post by ems2 »

I'll never forget the time when I was working at a gas station in the middle of winter with no heat. A customer that came once in a while went home and came back with a heater so that I wouldn't freeze. He said it was because I always smiled at him when he came to the window. Being nice is awsome.

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Post by WardahEbrahim »

I agree. But people also respond based on how they HAVE BEEN treated, and like you say, they build a type prejudice or pre-conception. I saw this while reading black beauty too.

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Florence Nalianya
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Post by Florence Nalianya »

I fail to agree with this statement. People will treat you the way they want to no matter how fine you are to them. You could be nice to people yet they choose to harm or rather hurt you

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Post by Meg98 »

Totally agree... although sometimes, I find that if you are kind towards someone you may not be repaid in the same way, but, if you are unkind towards someone it will almost always come back to bite you! Interesting topic to discuss on :)
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Post by Popcorn1 »

People respond to how you treat them in kind. However, it is not always true every time. You can't always hate back those who hate you because of jealousy.

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Post by LyorBoone »

I feel it is true. Everyone wants to be treated fairly, and some desire to be treated better than what the average person considers fair. If the those standards aren't meant, people aren't likely to reciprocate and treat you as they deem fair or their "fair" my change to fit the situation. I think some of this definitely ties in to the judgement from labeling people. Labels, like "gypsies" mentioned in this book, generally come with descriptions of how such labeled people are stereotyped to behave. Some resent the labels and try to move past them or just flat out ignore them. But, given enough time, I think such things can brainwash people into playing the part expected of them, especially in an environment where most subscribe to accuracy of said label. Hatred for hatred can be called fair of sorts, but it amplifies the hatred lightning quick. So sometimes, the strategy of being friendly and civil, even when powerful differences need to be discussed, can change a hater's logic and turn of heart of stone to a heart of love.
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Post by rumik »

I do agree with this, though I guess sometimes it's really difficult to be the bigger person when someone is being nasty to you.

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