Facebook's Ever-Changing Role

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Re: Facebook's Ever-Changing Role

Post by Empathry »

Quite right. With it's novelty waning, Facebook is losing its marketing power. I think the likes , comments and general social media competitiveness doesn't leave much time or energy for the next step - buying the book.

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Post by Lincoln »

Scott wrote:You are absolutely correct that it has changed with time. That's actually the standard long-term bait-and-switch of social sites in my opinion. Nowadays, I think Facebook is awful for marketing, both organic and paid. I went to this in a little detail in the 10 Step Plan.
Yeah it seems like every month Facebook tries to add something new or change something, and not usually for the better. Visibility is so much more expensive over there now, so it's hard to stand out.
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Post by BookHausJ »

People changed. Market changed. No perfect approach and no permanent approach. That is life changing. Marketing is continues and never ending improvement. No single approach fits all the time. That's the essence of Business. But still in my opinion, one thing that is very classic approach is "Word of Mouth Advertising,' with personal touch or one on one Talk.
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Post by safensecurestorage »

Facebook gives you some useful options for changing what kinds of stories you see in the News Feed, and homing in on stories featuring the friends you're most contacted with.

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Post by vinsam »

for fb adds will have certain limits and also some the agencies are working for the add company link they work is just making the add are users are more getting into actually works but we dont know this. organic traffic is very less in this paid add.

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Post by RicReviews »

Almost everyone who wants to sell from peanuts growing in their potted plants in the window, to carrots growing out of their hats, come to FB just to promote their product/services.
They do not give a fig about what you are selling – most of them that is.
Paid FB advertising would yield you the same results, with one difference - FB would make money, not you.
You could be in 100 FB groups, the results would be the same.
FB is not as good as it used to be for selling goods.
Who knows? Perhaps one day (closer than we think!) FB may go the MySpace way! Unless they revamp their strategies. :)

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Post by Camille Turner »

I struggle with Facebook. I have a page for my writing/editing business and post new content there frequently. I also try to participate in the writing groups but I find that when I share things I've written or creative things my business is doing, people like it but don't actually engage with it. These likes don't turn into leads or page likes or comments or actually clicking on the links to read my content. It can be frustrating.

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Post by Bookmaniac »

All of these comments are spot on. Facebook advertising isn't very productive. I have found that it's a good way to share with my current fanbase (book release information, etc), but not necessarily where a growing sales number comes from.

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