The middle grade readers

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The middle grade readers

Post by Rinultay »

I'm going to be honest. Writing a middle grade story, I've always kinda wondered if there was still a market for middle grade readers.

I mean I say this because a lot of the kids these days is heavily into Youtube. The video game market has exploded in the last century, Some just want to see it adapted into film without ever reading it. Here I'm wondering are kids even reading books nowadays like that. I'm not talking about the childrens picture book. I'm talking about the Harry Potter readers amongst our youth.

A part of me feels like there's just far too many instant gratification mediums for children to enjoy before they get to books, which would dilute the pond of potential readers. I'm probably just lamenting a possible audience here, but what does everyone think? Am I just worrying about this too much? Is the niche market of young readers still there just as they've always been? Have they decreased/Increased for any reason?

I'm interested to see what everybody thinks about this.

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Post by Amanda Deck »

My two middle school grandkids read, my four nieces and nephews of that age read only when forced to. The older ones don't like to read either. It's hard to believe these non-reading children are related to me, but I think you may be right. I haven't asked others about this yet, though I'm interested to find out.

My granddaughter that reads definitely prefers books over e-books.

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Post by sevencrows »

To some extent, the market for kids' entertainment is always changing--there's always new videogames, or its equivalent. The same can be said of YA genres, though those are probably selling more than before, with social media promotions in mind. Demand for books, though, will always be there, though it might fluctuate. Before the digital age, I'm sure many kids preferred to climb trees rather than to read, and some vice versa.

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