How best to use social media?

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How best to use social media?

Post by SingularityRising »

I'm really struggling with this. I've got a sci-fi cyberpunk novel out and I'm trying to promote it but not sure how to go about it really...

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Post by PlanetHauth »

Follow other authors and see what they do. I follow Brandon Sanderson and he shares fan art that are based on his other books, he posts updates on how much of his work-in-progress is written (usually as a percentage or number of pages written), and he posts various other things. Granted, he's an established author with quite a few novels under his belt, but this gives you an idea of what you can do in the future. Otherwise, maybe you can post writing updates, short excerpts from the novel to give people a taste of your writing and the novel. Maybe do some character write-ups to introduce the characters (without giving away vital info or plot lines). The biggest thing would be to follow other authors and see what they're posting. Follow established authors and follow newer/soon-to-be authors to get a good idea of what you can do.
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Post by Bookmaniac »

I have found that many like knowing "behind the scenes" information. What you're working on, etc. But also information about the author. Possibly a "Q&A" segment would be well-received.

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Post by Johnjack3 »

I usually used bulkacounts for increase my social site views,likes and subscriber. I was buy bulk gmail accounts.

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Post by Rachana006 »

Social media is one of the best method to gain exposure fro our work.
Getting involved in community, appreciating your readers and updating your work will provide you more opportunities.

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Post by serendipity 27 »

The best thing is you have followers on Twitter and to tweet out excerpts or even giveaways. People love free stuff. If it's possible maybe you can have a reading of your book to people interested in your community.
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Post by tejaspatil1991 »

Social media is one of the quality technique to advantage publicity for our work.
Getting involved in the community, appreciating your readers and updating your work will offer you extra opportunities.

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Post by sonamg9291710 »

Social media is the best platform to gain exposure to from our work.

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Post by eastandalchemy »

Does anyone follow any authors on Instagram (in place Twitter) that they find inspiring?

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Post by njc28 »

social media could be good if they are used in productive activities .

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Post by greatsolution »

Social Media marketing is best way increase traffic ranking of website. social networking sites are


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Post by rosemartine »

Social Media is best way to get backlinks for webstie. And best way to promote anything.Now a days it's using more then any other sites.

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Post by EmilyWilliamson »

Social Media Tips for Small Business

1. Start with a plan
2. Decide which platforms are right for you
3. Know your audience
4. Build relationships
5. Expand your audience
6. Share compelling visuals whenever you can
7. Focus on quality over quantity
8. Use the right tools
9. Monitor and respond to all social media conversations around your business
10. Schedule your content to free up more time for engagement
11. Track and refine your performance

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Post by Anelembikwa0 »

Do a thoroughly marketing research especially when it comes to your audience. The worst you could do is selling the best product to the wrong person.

Make use of networking, most people buy from the person they trust.

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Post by BookPower9 »

Best tools still Facebook. You can even boost it with a minimal fee. Learn to maximize this platform and you can see amazing results.

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