Margaret Reminded Me of What I Needed to Know -- Message from Rob White

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Re: Margaret Reminded Me of What I Needed to Know -- Message from Rob White

Post by Mirry »

Wow so inspiring and alot of lessons to learn from the book to always apprecite what is around us

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Essie Okoli
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Post by Essie Okoli »

Thank you for this wonderful book

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Post by Emmanae »

I really appreciate how real this book is. I feel like I encounter some people day to day that are just so at peace with themselves, it makes me yearn to achieve that level of acceptance with life. We can all learn from Margaret. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and congrats (belatedly) on Book of the Month.

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Post by Princessdaniel »

I think your book is awesome and very inspiring,, keep it up.

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Post by Alhamdu1 »

Thank you so much for your encouragement I will get your book and read

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Lady Loch
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Post by Lady Loch »

I am very curious about the insightful wisdom the gurus in Sir Rob White's book have imparted. I will surely sort this book in the currently reading shelf today.

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toni bas
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Post by toni bas »

i'll love to read your books,especially the one you just talked about now

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Post by smg703 »

Interesting perspective.. how supportive life can be... that really registers with me, as someone who was raised with parents.. who weren't always supportive, and didnt want me to need anything. once I lived past two past three past six, and then became the youngest child selected to get a experimental back surgery and the fastest to recover,, my parents were left with now what,, and a psychologist told them. there is nothing you can do for her besides prepare her for the fact her life will always be hard. support was never a option, even reaching out to groups an organizations that are there to help you, enjoy life, was considered wrong. then the child grows to a adult ;) and the parents that tucked me away at 6 are doing whats best for them,,,
ill check out your book.

im glad this community has filled with you love, an for us to connect an share

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Post by aeko »

Rob , i might have been the last to read and reply but it certainly is amazing how the title just pulls every inch of my attention , it gets one thinking whether its about love , loss or courage ,i mostly admired the title , and that is the beauty that i get in reading the title must and always should be considered because yours certainly makes one want to read the book .

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Post by espeshall »

thank you its always an honor and a pleasure to learn from you.i hope you continue to write and inspire readers and fellow writers

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Post by Olycharles »

And then I met Margaret is a book that appealed to me just seeing the cover and title. I have not read the book but hoping to do so soon. I believe you did a great job with that book and I will have something to learn from it. Good job!

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Post by Issykev »

I can see This book will be powerful enough to impact my life journey with my wife, thanks for your motivation letter sir

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Scarlet wamuyu
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Post by Scarlet wamuyu »

Thanks for your kind and wise words I will have to read the book it sounds to have great life time lesson

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Post by Catterwaul »

A wonderful letter. I look forward to the book.
<a href="viewtopic.php?f=53&t=66574" class="postlink">View official review of <em>Beyond the Fire</em></a>

akoth melisa
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Post by akoth melisa »

puff!! puff!! just started reading and i already feel i have missed a lot. this is the book i needed,i need to rise beyond my strength and stop forgetting the act of sympathy, for Margaret is a real! to you Rob White and thanks to Scott too.

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