Official Interview: E. Alan Fleischauer

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Valeria Rotaru
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Re: Official Interview: E. Alan Fleischauer

Post by Valeria Rotaru »

Alan Fleischer seems like the kind of person where you would go to for life advice. His words are really meaningful and I'd love to read his other books.
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kelly blax
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Post by kelly blax »

according to the reviewment of the book the author is very characterised and aggressive.Therefore one should be able to understand and conclude the book itself
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Post by nidhi_27 »

It was quite interesting and inspiring to have read this interview. It is a great thing to know that author did not let his age bar his imagination.
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Yuliia Korsun
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Post by Yuliia Korsun »

Life story of this author is really captivating! He is 68 years young now and his first novel was published in 2015. This is a great start of the interview as I see it!
It really feels like he is a strong minded, intelligent person. I adore such kind of people who are never afraid to start their life at any age. So these facts tell me alot about his book and himself from the very beginning!
Rebecca Review
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Post by Rebecca Review »

Great interview I must say, I Like the definition of success in writing, doing cause you enjoy it. :lol:
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Tashieka Smith
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Post by Tashieka Smith »

I am very interested in reading this book, from what I heard of it, sounds like a great book.
Laterrical Ward
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Post by Laterrical Ward »

It's a very interesting book. I the fact of how. Detailing he was ,it made me feel as of I done been in his same situation. If some people didn't know morals in life he teaches you that al detailed.
Samuel Odhiambo 1
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Post by Samuel Odhiambo 1 »

Very nice and uplifting interview, the book is promising and thus would like to read it and refer it to my pals to obtain teachings to coup with various challenges brought about the pandemic.
I know believe that life is full of chances and once given use it to the fullest.
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Chee Sian Edwin
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Post by Chee Sian Edwin »

I beg to differ. I hold the view that "retirement-is-not-in-my-dictionary". I am in a job that I enjoy. Thus, I will try my best to keep myself busy and healthy. As I am enjoying my job, I would want to continue indefinitely. Why retire ? Retirement is like pressing the brakes to the progress of life and start worrying about , "how to support myself after I retire? " Do I have sufficient savings to tie me through ?
Ammarah Azhar 1
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Post by Ammarah Azhar 1 »

:techie-studyingbrown: This is a book that should be read by teenagers and young adults. Although books can’t help us in selecting the right road or path in life but they sure can hint or change mindset towards the right direction.
Ruth Frances A
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Post by Ruth Frances A »

I would love to read this book. It is like a self-help book that offers encouragement and reflection. Sometimes all one needs is that extra push. And hope. This guide will be helpful to me. The interview contributes to an inkling of the author's thoughts when he considered writing the book. He reconfigured his life at some point, right? So can I. This read is outstanding. It will be of great importance.
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Amolpreet kaur
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Post by Amolpreet kaur »

This book seems interesting. I am exited to read this book as it is totally relevant to my personal life and situations.
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Mary Ndirangu 1
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Post by Mary Ndirangu 1 »

I've always wanted to write but never really started. I appreciate this interview because now I can really face my fears and put together a story. Thank you.
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Post by Judiasanti »

That is a wonderful interview, and I agree with his answers regarding his book "Reconfigurement". His book has opened my eyes to reconfigure my life plan. In my fifties, I need to plan and search my abilities and hobbies that will fulfill my retirement days. I think I'm gonna read this book.
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Zahraa Kamaz
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Post by Zahraa Kamaz »

Awesome talks about Reconfigurement, A successful book takes the readers in a life journey, no finishing lines is there for readers' gains, same as working for your dream job, there is always a progress.
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