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Official Interview: Gracelyn Guyol

Post by kandscreeley »


Good afternoon guys and gals. Today's Chat with Sarah features Gracelyn Guyol author of Restoring Your Child's Mental Health.

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1. What makes you happy?

Helping others who struggle with mental illnesses.

2. Who has been most supportive to you in your journey to publish your book?

Women friends who do not have mental illnesses but appreciate what I have done to help others who do over the past 17 years.

3. Your book is Restoring Your Child's Mental Health. What makes you qualified to discuss this topic?

I was unknowingly bipolar until age 42 (the symptoms became more pronounced with age). Once diagnosed, I was put on Wellbutrin, a psychiatric drug known to help reduce mood swings. It seemed to help, but within a year I developed multiple breast cysts and tumors, which led to having all growths surgically removed, twice in 12 months. Working with a Naturopathic Doctor, I then systematically ruled out all potential causes, suspecting the drug was the most likely trigger. After I tapered off, no new growths appeared, confirming my suspicions. I began writing my first book in 2002, but it took three years to complete because I was doing a great deal of research that would document the science in this book. Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs was published in 2006 by Walker & Company (its founder is my friend, Beth Walker). This book is currently being republished by Dorrance Publishing and due out sometime next year.

4. The book discusses drug free treatments. Why is it important to not use medicines?

Manufacturers of psychiatric drugs do not tell patients the many and dangerous side effects of these drugs. Thus, patients take them with enthusiasm, believing they will feel better. But that seldom is the case. The drugs do not work for 50 percent of patients. More than 50 percent of patients who perceive some relieve discontinue use due to intolerable side effects. Mild symptoms include dry mouth, drowsiness or insomnia, dizziness, diarrhea or constipation, headache, and weight gain or loss. Of the 54-65% of patients who experience sexual dysfunction, only 2-5% are reported by manufacturers.

Severe side effects include depression, suicidal tendencies, neurologically driven agitation, ranging from mild leg tapping to severe panic; tics or muscle spasms; and Parkinsonism.

Prozac and Luvox increase the risk of inducing mania in children. Lithium, the first drug of choice for bipolar disorder, is notorious for causing weight gain, tremors, drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, confusion, and restlessness. The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines report that up to 75 percent of patients experience some side effects from taking Lithium.

5. Can you give us a small glimpse of one of the techniques you cover?

Each individual is unique. The treatments I recommend address the underlying causes, of which there are many: deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and good fats that are VIP to brain function; hormone imbalances (listed in my book) and drugs that may trigger mania; glyconutrients, proteins, and amino acids which are crucial for rebuilding health; detoxifying to throw off poisons, such as mercury, pesticides and others; halting yeast overgrowth and parasite infestations; retraining brain waves into healthier patterns with biofeedback; releasing trauma with eye movement desensitization; and reconnecting mind and body through prayer, affirmations, imagery, yoga, and meditation.

6. Though this book is focused on children, can adults with mental health issues benefit from these alternative treatments?

My 2018 release, Restoring Your Child’s Mental Health, has additional treatments that are interchangeable for children and adults. Here I chose to feature the easiest to use, most affordable, effective treatments. Mental illness is complex, but it can often be effectively treated using these simple methods.

7. For any parent or caregiver struggling to help their child, what's your number one piece of advice?

Find a physician who has been trained to restore mental health without drugs by simply giving the body what it needs for optimal functioning. They will normally be a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Orthomolecular Doctor, or sometimes one with a PhD in the field of mental health. Go with the child to the doctor so you both can get acquainted with him/her. Give a family mental health history (since there are genetic contributors) as well as the child’s health history. They often will charge a small fee for the initial interview. If your child and you are happy with what the doctor recommends, make another appointment and proceed. Repairing the body is a “process” that requires following the doctor’s instructions and reporting changes in how the patient feels at the next meeting. I immediately felt better within two months, but everybody is different in how their body responds. The secret is “don’t give up!"

8. What's next for you? Is there another book in the works?

I’ve decided to give myself a break and write a children’s book about my cat, “Buck.” He was amazingly smart, and I’d like to write about him trying to mimic my husband doing leg lifts on the floor to strengthen his abdominal muscles after surgery; sprinting to get to the end table when the phone would ring (although he never could figure out how to pick it up); watching TV sports with my husband; and he loved any kid shows featuring animals, etc.

How about a few fun questions.

9. Superman or Wonder woman?

Wonder Woman. I’ve had several different, successful careers thus far: legal secretary for 8 years; sales woman for 3 years; publicist for a winery in Sonoma County, California for 4 years; opened and ran my own Public Relations agency with a staff of 7 for 8 years; retired mid-life (in my 40s) so my husband and I could travel more (he was already retired so we went to a dozen different countries together before his death in 2016). I unexpectedly met a man of my dreams a year later, and we are now happily married and sailing frequently on his 36 foot sail boat.

10. Does the toilet paper too go over or under?


11. What's your favorite meal?

Pasta with pesto.

12. Sunshine or rain?

Definitely sunshine! I’m a “fair weather” sailor, skier, gardener, and tennis maven.
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Post by LinaMueller »

Nice interview. I didn't know Gracelyn Guyol, but she is an inspirational sounding woman. I will read Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs: Inspiring Stories of Restoring Mental Health Through Natural Therapies ASAP. Good job, kandscreeley.
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Post by iamjakepitts »

Wow, I was not aware of Ms. Guyol's work until now and I'm really intrigued. Happy to have come across this interview today. Thanks for bringing this to us kandscreeley!

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