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Official Interview: Stephen Vattimo

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The Three Witnesses

Good evening book lovers! Today's Chat with Sarah features Stephen Vattimo author of Steward of the Harvest.

To view the official review, click here.

To view the book on Amazon, click here.


1. Tell us about you outside of being an author.

I am an artist, poet, apologetic writer, teacher, and computational pumpkin sculptor.

2. Let's talk about Steward of the Harvest. This is a collection of poetry and artwork. Is it all original?

Everything about this book is an original creation of mine.

3. How did you find yourself lucky enough (or blessed enough) to be able to write and draw?

I believe the creative talent I possess is a gift from God. These gifts were given to me to equip me to fulfill God's purpose for my life.

4. The book is based around elements of Christianity. Would this collection only be enjoyable to those of the Christian faith?

I believe the contents of this book are relevant for all. This book points the reader to the love, mercy, and grace of God that is available to all who will open their hearts up to God to receive.

5. Do you have a favorite piece from the book?

My favorite illustration in this book is the painting entitled The Three Witnesses. This illustration makes visible the unseen player who battles over the soul of mankind.

*This artwork appears at the beginning of the interview.*

6. What do you want readers to remember most after reading this?

I want my reader to realize that the world is a place full of trials and tribulations. These storms can be so fierce and dark, they seem to swallow up the light of hope. But God has placed a lighthouse that will shine its guiding light to help people find their way to safety. Many friends and family will not enter the storm to help, because they fear for their own safety, but Jesus will not abandon his post. He will keep the lighthouse light on.

7. As an artist of both written and art works, I'm assuming you are continuing to create. Are you planning another collection like this?

I do plan to author more books. I have plenty of material.

8. Any plans to put together a fictional novel?

Anything is possible.

9. Is your artwork for sale? Where can we see more?

My art can be found by searching for my work by putting my name in a search engine. Stephen J. Vatimo. My work can be purchased on,, and I have stores on these websites. They can put my art on anything you can think of.

How about a few fun questions.

10. Do you have a favorite band?

My favorite band is a christian band by the name of Petra.

11. Flight, train, or drive?

Train. I love to hang out in the club car and make new friends by playing cards or checkers and chess, while watching the world go by.

12. What's the best vacation you've ever taken?

Vacationing at Captiva Island off the coast of west Florida. I would paint portraits of the rich and famous people's boats. I really enjoyed them inviting me on their yachts for dinner.

13. Do you have a favorite food?

I love Beef stroganoff.
Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable.
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