What Mood Do Your Poems Have?

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Jane Doe
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Re: What Mood Do Your Poems Have?

Post by Jane Doe »

My poems tend to be very sad. I use it as a way to get all of my feelings out there. They have a depressing mood, but it feels good to let it out.

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Post by AA1495 »

Most poems I've read are inspirational in nature, about life in general. They motivate you to lead a happier life

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Post by TheSeelieCourtJester »

At best, sadness and loss. I resonate with negativity, to the point where I become the emotion itself. Suddenly, all the verses are dark and dreary, and before you know it, the subject of the poem dies. It's either that, or the poems are incredibly thoughtful and nostalgic, such as when I write political poetry, if only to try and prove something. The poems that do have a joyful atmosphere aren't my best.
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Kelley Kirwan
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Post by Kelley Kirwan »

My poems are always dark. Anger ,resentments, sadness betrayal and guilt are the undertone in every poem I've ever written. Because of this I never let anyone I know read them because they would probably seriously worry about me also they would be quite surprised that I was the author of these poems because my personality is totally opposite of the things I write. I seem to be completely incapable of writing anything that is positive, happy and upbeat. I am not sure of why this is but if I had to guess it is probably because I have buried these feelings so deep that I am on a concious level totally unaware of them and this is my spirits way of dispelling them to keep me healthy like your body produces antibodies to fight off physical ailments.

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Maria joraimah
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Post by Maria joraimah »

I would say a mixture of sadness and happiness. I write when I'm down and when I feel that I'm on top of the world. :)
" HAPPINESS is finding PEACE within yourself! " :D

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Sohinee Dey
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Post by Sohinee Dey »

It totally depends on my mood. On the days when I'm feeling sad and gloomy, my poems will reflect that. Other days when I'm happy and cheerful, my poems carry a cheerful or inspirational tone. Somedays, I write on love and lust and the poem turns out to be erotic and on other days my poems carry a comedic undertone. When my thoughts are in a chaos, my pen inks the same chaos on the paper. I usually prefer to write long poems with rhymes and with good word usage.

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Post by sophiemer642 »

I usually write poems when I am depressed or angry, so they tend to emit these emotions. I also find writing angry or sad poems easier. I have no idea why, the words just come to me easier when I write in these moods.

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Honey Joy
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Post by Honey Joy »

One can write a poem when he is sad, happy or in love except for being mad as no one really does. :)
As for me, i write poems when i am in a happy state most especially when i am in love. Words are starting to overflow in my mind and the last thing i knew, i have already finished creating a poem and that alone makes me happy even more. :)

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Post by jedreid »

I love to write inspiring poems but nowadays my poems tend to be dark and angsty.

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Post by bookiegalke »

the mood varies depending on what I'm going through
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Post by Leximillion »

I recently finished a Poetry Workshop Class for my Creative Writing minor. I've found that most of my poems tend to be dark, cynical and a bit angry. I've tried branching into the happier side of things, but I can't find it. I can write about romance in a happier tone when I'm writing fiction, but with poetry I just can't do it. :/
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geoffrey ngoima
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Post by geoffrey ngoima »

I mostly or always. I might say, write about love; love is everything after all. A great deal of the mood is disappointment or depression about it; first love, gone/lost love, love of a life, GOD, the spirit world..
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Post by JustEthel »

I write poems depending on my mood.When I'm in love I tend to create cheesie, mushy, or romantic poems. When I'm mad or brokenhearted, of course the theme of my poem in such a situation would be dark and heart wrenching. But very often friends and family asks me to write them a limerick.

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Post by TheWriteAngel »

My poems are often contemplative and introspective. I've also written a couple of poems with themes of love.

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Post by MsDree »

Angst, heartbreaking, sadness and disappointment... that's kind of mood for my poems. But to be honest, I'm not sure if it really is a poetry because I didn't joined any creative writing courses.
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