What do you think about Sam Smith's song "HIM"?

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What do you think about Sam Smith's song "HIM"?

Post by Lenifty02 »

Personally, I have listened to this song for over 30 times and I still don't get what it's about.

The lyrics are just too confusing. The line where he says,
"Say I shouldn't be here but I can't give up his touch
It is HIM I love"

That's most confusing for me.

I'm done trying to figure it out and so I'm asking everyone who's listening to it.

What do you think of the song HIM?

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Post by Aylienaylin »

I think it goes more to religion wise. As if he is keeping the biggest secret because the people around him were expecting other things from him. He has been hiding who he really is for a long time. And from people that focus more towards religion will tell you it is wrong. Or will make you think you are just thinking wrong and they do not care about you. It talks about how someone doesn’t want him to be this way but he is trying to explain the person he has fallen in love with is worth not hiding for

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Post by 0741-785-960 »

His voice is amazing however this song ain't amazing. I have listened to it over and over again but I honestly don't like the song. It's too hard to understand what it actually means. He can do better than this.

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Post by imSunshine »

He always amaze me in his own way..personally i think that he sang it pretty well and therefore it is a wonderful piece

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Post by Moodykelz_10 »

I think in the song he is trying to talk about him as in a man and then HIM as in God....From what i know about Sam Smith he was brought up in a catholic school and i think its that coming out song and out to religious people as well.

I personally think it is well written. When i went to seen him in concert last year he spoke about this song about being proud to be gay inspired him to write this song and how times he felt conflicted because religion taught him to feel that way.

so i'm not sure if this helps any :)

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I understand this song to be conveying an internal struggle. He is speaking about coming out and his love for “him” all while still wanted to be loved by “HIM” referring to God. It is a back and forth between the two ideas and wanted to be accepted equally in the eyes of God for his love and his love accepting his spiritually beliefs.

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