what's your idea of a "good song"?

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Re: what's your idea of a "good song"?

Post by Valeria_gr4 »

What I consider to be a "good song" is one that is different from others. One that makes me sing (even if I don't know the lyrics :D), dance like no one cares, and that feels relatable. One that transmits strong feelings and has a particular way of viewing typical situations. The lyrics are not the only important part, of course; so when it comes to the instrumental part, this has to transmit a strong emotion as well. I also love songs that are catchy but still have tons of substance and not just repeat the same phrase again and again.

Felicity Granger
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Post by Felicity Granger »

A good song to me is any song I'll replay constantly because there's a quality of attractiveness to it. Bashing other's taste in music is not something I want to do. For instance, I won't listen to the songs about people 'flexing' or killing other people indiscriminately, but I'm not going to force someone who prefers that type of music to listen to my melancholy, saddening song choices.

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Post by HeatherEi »

Anything that puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance!

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Post by sschatzberg »

A good song is a song that makes you feel something. If a song doesn't either move me or make me feel some emotion then I don't want to listen. It's just empty noise.

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Post by Demon96 »

In my opinion a good song is something that resonates with you. Something that will either make your day or shatter your heart , good music has energy to it, you’ll know it when you feel it. It can be as simple as someone singing Acapella or as elaborate As an orchestra. I listen to all genres from Black Metal to blues from the 1930s. My favorite song is Atmosphere by Joy Division. Ian Curtis has a powerful voice and you can hear the emotions in his voice,

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Post by Atara Miles »

A good song is a song that makes you stop. You can bop your head to any old tune but when you constantly have that one on repeat, you know something about it caused you to just pause and go, "Whoa." It doesn't have to be about changing the world or motivating you or depressing your soul. It's any song that you want to hear again at least one more time just because.

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I think anything that transports you in someway while you listen to it should be considered a great song. If it doesn't make you forget yourself for a little while, make you feel nostalgic, or just make you feel in general. Anything that makes you feel something while you listen to it would be considered a good song in my books at least. If I really like a song I will often start to replay it before it has even finished because I am just not done listening to it yet.

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Post by SexyAshhh101 »

For me, a good song consists of emotion. It must allow me to feel and connect with it.

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Post by books_andpoetri »

My idea of a good song is that it has to be catchy, and it has to have impact and depth.

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Post by Infinite I »

A good song can be anything that makes me feel at peace. It can be of any language, but it should connect to my heart.

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Post by Empan16 »

I think that what people consider "good music" changes from person to person. Music is interesting in the fact that it impacts every person differently. My taste and opinion on one genre may be vastly different than someone else. Personally, I think that music that has a message or story behind it is the best kind of music. I can resonate better with an artist who puts emotion and life experiences in their music because I can personally relate to those experiences or emotions. Music that leaves a personal impact or large impact on a group of people is the best type of music. As Hozier said "If you're not making the right people uncomfortable you might be wasting your time as a musician."

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