do you listen to music when you work?

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Re: do you listen to music when you work?

Post by earprick »

It depends. I like listening when I'm doing work at home, to cut out distractions around the house. But outside the home? No. I'd get too nervous I'd miss something important.

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Post by Squidnnneyyy99+ »

I don't listen to music WHILE I work. But I definitely love to listen to it before to get me motivated, or after to help relax my mind.

I just don't have the ability to listen and think. Usually I want to listen to all the lyrics or notes and delve into the music not just have it on as background music.

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Post by Aisha_123 »

Yes mostly. It helps me concentrate and get the job done

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Post by Asunta »

I prefer unfamiliar music while I work. Music that I already like is very distracting while working. I tend to flow away with the flow of songs and it usually delays me. But then working in silence makes me anxious. So I look up playlists on Youtube by random artists and play them.
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Felicity Granger
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Post by Felicity Granger »

I write a lot for my job. I use the tempo from whatever beat is playing to keep in rhythm with my typing. It also helps pass the time and makes me less distracted by my surroundings. I'm very careful to keep my bleating away from my coworkers and try to keep humming down to a minimum as well. Gotta be considerate about your work space.

Atara Miles
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Post by Atara Miles »

I normally do. It tends to blend in with the type of scene I'm writing at that point in time. Even when I'm carrying out regular, day-to-day tasks I bop along with whatever's playing.

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I actually listen to music pretty much 24 hours a day. My whole job revolves around music and then I listen to it while I do errands, things around the house and sometimes when I sleep.

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Post by lilaclily »

If it fits the mood, then sometimes I do.

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Post by LeDiplomatique »

Listening to music while working gives me impetus and relaxes my mind. I work better with music than without.

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Post by AdamRedWolf »

I always try to find music I've never heard before while working. If I listen to stuff I already like, then I just find myself singing along and not working. Youtube, Pandora and Spotify have made fining new music a breeze.
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Post by Katie Canedy »

I have to listen to music when I work! It keeps me motivated to keep doing it. I don't sing along though; I keep it all to myself on my headphones lol.
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Post by Elliedee727 »

every single night at the nursing home lol

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Post by Sufi_khan »

I work in a physical rehab setting, and often put music on while doing exercise routines with my clients. It could be music to beats, or soothing calm meditation music. I do use music as a tool at work.

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Post by books_andpoetri »

Yes but the volume is lowered down. Sometimes I listen to the same song over and over again because repetition boosts productivity.

Pieces of classical/instrumental music are relaxing too.

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Post by Matos_jeys »

Of course... It's my life

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