Do you have a song, that helps you through a tough time?

This is the place for readers of poetry. Discuss poetry and literary art. You can also discuss music here, including lyrics. Also, you can discuss poets themselves, in addition to poetry.
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Re: Do you have a song, that helps you through a tough time?

Post by Clinical1 »

I have several, depending on the scenario.
My go-to song when I am frustrated at work is "I want to be a lifeguard" or "They're coming to take me away" by Monte Python.
When the tough time is with my husband, I revert back to our wedding song "You're the inspiration" by Chicago. It reminds me why we have been married 31 years.

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Post by okpolokpo_paul »

this song one hit by cobhams asuquo got me inspired alot and unstoppable

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Post by R-Myra »

Flicker- Niall Horan

This songs is very soothing to my ears and I listen to it whenever I feel down.

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Post by imSunshine »

i actually do its called 214 by rivermaya

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Post by eagermagic »

"You'll Never Walk Alone", but only when it is performed in the context of Liverpool football. The song inspires in and of itself, but to see a stadium full of soccer hooligans unite as one voice, well, it reignites hope in the human race.

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Post by Harley-Panda »

"Better" by Regina Spektor has helped me through a few tough times.
There are loads more songs that I listen to when I'm having a difficult time, but this is the one which springs to mind.
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Post by Nisha Ward »

My Immortal by Evanescence. It's depressing enough that it helps to get all my "woe is me" feelings out of the way so I can move on. I'm very dramatic.
"...while a book has got to be worthwhile from the point of view of the reader it's got to be worthwhile from the point of view of the writer as well." - Terry Pratchett on The Last Continent and his writing.

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Post by Psanders88 »

I have one song that helps me when im stressed to the max and its Im Going To Reafy by Yolanda Adams other than that im an r&b fan, that helps my mind from racing

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Post by Artizi »

There are so many options! Helpless from the Hamilton musical does the trick pretty well, for sure!
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Post by spaesthetice »

Most songs by twenty one pilots make me feel better. If we're talking specifics, Island In the Sun by Weezer has a very happy vibe that makes me smile a little. Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco also has a special place in my heart and makes me happier almost instantly.

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Post by Marissa1818 »

A song that helps me get through tough time is “Rise” by Katy Perry. The song talks about not settling and how I will get back up and keep fighting because I will rise up. Being an athlete, at times I fail more than I succeed and listening to this song gives me motivation

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Post by Jlprince26 »

For as long as I can remember "How can I help you to say goodbye," by Patty Loveless has been my go to song. I've had to say a few to many goodbyes in my lifetime and while I cry through every word of it, it also helps me to calm down and know that everything happens for a reason. And that I will be ok through it all.
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Post by Lady-of-Literature »

Yes. It varies according to what I need of course. Sort of like how sometimes you need a good inspiring pick-me-up speech and other times you need warm up and tea. For instance, I like to listen to Panic at the Disco: High Hopes when I need to remember that I can reach my dreams. Other times I like to watch those fan-made videos of superheroes with music in the background to remind myself that dreaming isn't enough, that there will be drawbacks and it's my responsibility to overcome.

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Post by Welzo456 »

"I hope you dance"
That song speaks to my soul
When I want to give up it reminds me that I should never take one single breath for granted.

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Post by Alisha7824 »

I usually use music as a conduit for my creative writing. So depending on what mood it puts me in (like if I were listening to something upbeat and bouncy) I'd write something that is fun and full of lively.

I have a favorite comp that I downloaded a while back full of fantasy bard music that really helps with my Fantasy writing. I will also use musical scores from horror films to set a specific edgy-sorta-scary vibe when I write horror or really dramatic violent scenes.

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