Music For Studying?

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Re: Music For Studying?


Most of are aware of the healing therapy of music. But whether its got the Mozart effect when played during study hours is quite debatable, depending on an individual's experiences. While you can claim that pops, rocks or even death metals lets you have a fresh mind to start thinking when you sit down to study, others may strongly oppose your idea, citing how such music, instead of being helpful in any which , way ends up creating thumping sensations in your brain, allowing you to concentrate on your studies no further.

Some soothing music pieces however, like Beethoven's symphonies can actually create a serene and tranquil ambience that helps you concentrate on your studies better; for when your mind is at peace you learn more, you gain more.

A few other songs that plays on my speaker while I am cracking my brains to solve a sum or to complete an essay are: Love Story (Taylor Swift), Rabindrasangeet (these bengali compositions from the world-renowned poet and composer Tagore can be very comforting), Alan Walker compositions, A Thousand Years(Christiana Perrie), Bollywood romantic songs (mostly by Arijit Singh, Armaan Mallik and Mohammad Irfan).

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Post by strwbrry_Celestine »

They said that some people are more concentrated on their studies while listening music, which i also experienced too. I like to listen to music while im studying, it makes me at ease and i rather listen to music than listen to noisy of people around me.

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Post by Cinnamon-Paige »

I have found that studying with music helps to keep me concentrated but then it has to be without lyrics, otherwise I find myself singing along. :lol2:
The Disney Piano Classics works best for me.
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Post by csimmons032 »

I find listening to music while studying to be very helpful actually. I don't really nave a preference of what type of music I like to listen to when I study, just kind of whatever I am in the mood for. For some reason it just helps me to relax and focus on my studying.
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Post by EMoffat »

I've always heard that classical music is the best for studying. Personally I can't listen to anything while I study or I just daydream

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Post by Jaime Lync »

Maths and music go really well together. The subjects that you have to be doing a lot of reading for - not so much. I totally know what you mean about getting lost in the music.I try to play classical or jazz instrumental music when I know I will be reading something really boring like books on politics.

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Post by TheSeelieCourtJester »

It depends for which subject you're doing. If you're doing mathematics, or any science like chemistry or physics, then I'd suggest gothic rock, symphonic rock, or anything rock just to get yourself hyped up to solve a math problem! If you're doing something that involves more memorization based, like social studies or biology, I'd agree with Lucinda; classical, or anything calming, can help.
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Post by lindsycummins »

Music does help your concentration when studying. For me, instrumental jazz music helps a lot when I try to focus.

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Post by Czarmaine AM »

There are some studies I've read suggesting that listening to rock music put someone in an aggressive/competitive state. However, these songs are usually played while doing athletic training. Perhaps they have some same kind of effect to your classmate.

I think, the best music for studying just really depends on the person. For one, some people find classical music too relaxing, others might find pop music disturbing. Overall, it is just a matter of discovering what works for you. In my case, I like listening to soft acoustic genre or classical piano music to help me focus.
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Post by Darakhshan Nazir »

Yep . it's compulsory for me . I can't study without music ,, and talking about maths specifically: you can't go through that rough path of solution without your playlist .
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Post by Annieblue »

music can relax your mind while studying, especially when you are over worked on things you should do.
music is my best way to refresh.

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Post by IsabelMay »

I find it quite distracting, it's almost impossible for me to study when I'm listening to music or there is some noise inside or outside the house. I tried a couple of times to study listening to instrumental music so that I don't get distracted by lyrics, but it still didn't work. It would be nice if it were possible, though.
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

I love to listen to music while studying as it makes me feel good while studying and I do not get bored easily.
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Post by Dissy Moz »

With music I will study and study till the we we hours
No doubt about it that's my best time of studies

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Post by Yuripititzi »

For me, listening to music while studying helps, but it depends on the subject and the type of music. Some people gets distracted, but for me it's helpful to listen to rock music as long as the lyrics are in another language, because I tend to sing along. Or if I happen to be a little stressed I change it to instrumental music. Either way music has always help me to gain focus on what I'm doing, and be concentrated, not just studying, but in life in general.

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