What Type of Music Do You Enjoy Listening to While Reading?

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What Type of Music Do You Enjoy Listening to While Reading?

Post by Aimeeannbooks »

I know some people can't concentrate on reading or writing of music is playing. But, me, I have to listen to music or I can't concentrate.
I like listening to albums that go along with the theme of what I'm reading. Like soft and somber for dystopian. Love songs for YA. Or something uppity for books that are funny. I also love listening to soundtracks whenever I'm writing.
How about you?(:


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Post by AA1495 »

Sound of any kind when I'm trying to read or write really distracts me. Sometimes, I like instrumental music. Generally, I like silence when I'm trying to read.

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Ashley 1820
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Post by Ashley 1820 »

I love music all the time!and listening to music while I'm reading... just takes it to another level of intensity! I choose music by the book that which one goes well with the book...that's all!

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Post by Genaaa »

I actually don't really have a preference on specific types of music for reading, so I usually just open SoundCloud and let it go down a list of all the songs from people I follow on there.
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Post by easy_dc13 »

Music without lyrics can do the trick. I listen to Chillhop beats on Spotify and then lower the volume to prevent it from being distracting. Hip-hop beats with a pinch of Jazz has are a winner for me.

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Post by ross »


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Post by 5ngela »

It depends what I am reading. If I am reading novel, I prefer not to listen to anything. But if I am browsing and reading forum or article, I can listen song just fine.

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Post by JCatSmit16 »

Usually anything more than background noise just distracts me. I get so sucked into what I'm reading, and if a noise around me doesn't fit perfectly with whatever's happening it's going to get cut off - fast.

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Swara Sangeet
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Post by Swara Sangeet »

Sometimes I do enjoy music while reading; it might depend on the book. If it's a really interesting one, I might turn off the music! But since I'm a big fan of music itself, I don't care about the genre when I listen. Any music while reading is fine with me!

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Post by lucymn11 »

I love listening to music while I'm reading, but it has to be instrumental. If it's a song with lyrics, whether or not I know it, I get easily distracted from whatever I am reading. I haven't tried listening to certain music genres based on the book genre, but that sounds like a really fun experiment!

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Post by dawn_1999_20 »

A variety. Anything from oldies, country, alternative, rock, and pop.

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Post by Amcdanel86 »

I like classical the best but what ever cd I stick in is good too. I so so on the radio cause when the talk its distracting for me

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Post by Tamsyn »

I generally like silence to when reading. I find it hard to concentrate when there is backround noise.

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Post by PuckADoodle »

Honestly, I'll listen to pretty much anything I like or would usually listen to, whether it's more upbeat or a calm song with a guitar. Some people can't listen to music and read, but for me, it blocks out the other things happening around me and I can enjoy reading in peace.

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Post by rovet »

I can't read when there is music in the background... I've tried before and my mind focuses on the music too much to keep reading. Same problem if the TV is on in the background, I won't be able to focus on the book at all. I've always been a terrible multitasker...
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