Which song reminds you of a book or movie?

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chatterley nganyi
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Re: Which song reminds you of a book or movie?

Post by chatterley nganyi »

When a woman loves by r.kelly reminds me a book reminds me a mexican opera movie in the name of love.
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Nina Rose
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Post by Nina Rose »

Cry by Mandy Moore reminds me of A Walk to Remember.
Tzara Drusak
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Post by Tzara Drusak »

Unsteady- X Ambassadors always reminds me of Me Before You. I first heard it in the movie as a part of the soundtrack then read it as an accompaniment to the novel. Every time I hear it I think about Louisa and Will.
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kelvin mutiso muasya
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Post by kelvin mutiso muasya »

I never thought I will be right for you reminds me a movie of forevermore Italian
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Post by R-Myra »

Dynasty by MIIA reminds of Narnia. The beats and the way it sounds in headphones takes me to the world of Narnia. The nature, trees, winds and something really close to my heart.
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Post by KasieMiehlke »

"Dust in The Wind" reminds me of Old School.
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Post by prithaprithu »

The song " California Dreaming " reminds me of "The Future Is History" by Masha Gessen. How wonderful is the interconnection! How important is the context!
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Post by strawberrysab »

The song “Not today” by Imagine Dragons always reminds me of Me Before You.
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Alex Hughes
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Post by Alex Hughes »

"Something There," sung by Emma Watson's Belle, along with Ian McKellen's Cogsworth, Emma Thompson's Mrs. Potts, Ewan McGregor's Lumiere and Dan Stevens’ Beast
-Beauty and the beast
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Post by thaservices1 »

Green Day's Dookie album always reminds me of Frank Herrbert's Dune series. I listened to it as I read the books, and it is strange how the lyrics match up to the story.
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Post by Lutius »

My love goes on by Celine dion remind me of titanic movie
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Post by Snowhite189 »

When you say nothing at all that's the song that reminds me of the movie Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant i like that song as well as the movie.
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Post by 55552233 »

Song by Celine Dion, my heart will go on. Movie is Titanic
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Post by CHRIS2428 »

A thousand years reminds of a movie Twilight. Would be great if there's a continuation of it.
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