Music You Sleep To?

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Re: Music You Sleep To?

Post by Karely » 09 May 2018, 15:44

This is my first post!

I find it easier to fall asleep with music that has no lyrics. What I listen to ranges from organ instrumentals ("vampire music" as I like to call it), to metal instrumentals, and nature sounds. Occasionally, I will listen to Norah Jones, slow metal, and slow alternative. I just tend to sing along when I do that.

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Post by palilogy » 11 Jun 2018, 12:27

Billy Joel helps me sleep : specifically his songs River of Dreams and New York State of Mind.
I also love Enya although I'm not sure I have fallen asleep to her music.

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Post by imSunshine » 19 May 2019, 08:30

i know this may sound weird but, i listen to metal songs when i sleep because i find it more comfortable

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Post by Maralynx » 05 Jul 2019, 03:34

I usually search through YT for instrumentals, because if the song has lyrics, I automatically focus on them. I find that those compilations where you put in the search tab music for relaxing/sleep help a lot, but Chinese traditional instruments also lull me to sleep.
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Post by elizaron878 » 06 Jul 2019, 10:50

Instrumental music, sounds of waves pounding on the shore, birds, cetera.
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Post by Joy Catap » 06 Jul 2019, 10:54

Country music make me sleepy. I just want the slow beat and soothing effect it has. It works wonder in my eyes, making my eyelids magically heavy!

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Post by LinaMueller » 06 Jul 2019, 14:26

Chopin composed the most beautiful and serene piano music I've ever known. I've loved his music all my life. I could sleep, meditate, and relax with these beautiful compositions.
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Post by Monet_va » 07 Jul 2019, 11:34

Listening to some soft piano really helps put me to sleep.

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Post by Nisha Ward » 07 Jul 2019, 12:43

Slow jazz and blues helps me. Has done ever since I was a kid.
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Post by KCWolf » 10 Jul 2019, 15:01

I prefer to fall asleep to light jazz or nature sounds, like the Ocean or rain.

Otherwise, I want to get up and sing and/or dance. hehehe.
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Post by jkmalik » 28 Jul 2019, 10:17

Monet_va wrote:
07 Jul 2019, 11:34
Listening to some soft piano really helps put me to sleep.
I agree. I recently discovered the "sleep" playlist on Spotify, and I played the piano playlist last night, and that put me right to sleep.

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Post by E_Sethna » 30 Jul 2019, 08:29

Music does help me sleep at times--mostly softer, almost choir-like melodies. There's a twenty minute song by Clamavi De Profundis called "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold," inspired by Tolkien's poem from The Hobbit, that is quick to ease me to sleep.

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Post by Dan_Wellock » 01 Aug 2019, 15:02

Video game orchestral movements are so relaxing and actually created to be in the background. When I am trying to relax or sleep in the day, I listen to that kind of music. And it is really enjoyable to make my own story listening to that instrumental music instead of having it told to me in lyrics.
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Post by cyberyamato12 » 12 Aug 2019, 00:04

I used to listen to my cd player while playing music which I do at night. it makes me feel better and be in a comfortable and secure position. I play mostly some instrumental as well as some songs with lyrics.

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Post by Asunta » 27 Aug 2019, 15:04

Buddhist chants or East Asian folk music!
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