What Instruments Do You Play?

This is the place for readers of poetry. Discuss poetry and literary art. You can also discuss music here, including lyrics. Also, you can discuss poets themselves, in addition to poetry.
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Re: What Instruments Do You Play?

Post by Facennagoss »

I’m not naturally gifted at music but I do play the cornet for a local band and absolutely love it. It provides me with a much needed social life away from my true love - books!
Adediran Israel
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Post by Adediran Israel »

I can play drum set and konga
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Post by CJHeigelmann »

I play the congas, djembe, bongos and other minor percussion instruments.
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Post by Bronie »

I recently started playing piano, but have no time to further the skill. I guess it's about priorities and music isn'y on my list this year, writing is .
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Post by haleyrshaw18 »

i have always loved all music and anything that makes sounds i started off in orchestra in middle school when i first learned how to play the viola then later took my music career to high school where i got to sing my heart out every day getting pumped for any and all performance now after high school i take comfort in my room teaching myself guitar
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Post by SMwathi »

I play the piano. Its a fun.
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Post by Italiansweety1982 »

None :-( I always wanted to learn one but my parents wanted me in sports. I always wanted to do a little bit of everything. I suppose it's never too late but it's just not on the financial priority list right now.
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mangomango 22
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Post by mangomango 22 »

I play an acoustic guitar, and I used to play piano but not so much.
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Post by tjin832 »

I play the piano, and still do. To be honest, I'm pretty certain I started learning due to my parents wanting some sound in the household, without the dissonance and squeaks you get with when you first start learning many of the string or wind instruments.
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Post by Amazingilly »

I play the saxophone and the clarinet. I played them for 2 years and a half. I would love to play more. I did also learn a bit of the guitar and piano but I couldn’t stay in the classes.
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Post by nimbeshaho »

I am able to play Acoustic guitar and it is my favorite one
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Post by fmbello33 »

I play piano and guitar
Mostly on my phone 📱
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Post by rupe10 »

I try to make original music: (play guitar, bass, drums, keys).

Played both alto & tenor sax(very well according to the teacher -- parents, not so much) in jr-high & high-school.

Only stopped because of the constant warning about replacement damages, if anything were to happen. Became a real drag on top of lugging the blasted things around as I went about my daily rounds of foolishness.

Want to learn trumpet, at some point, but it keeps getting squeezed off the to-do list...

Have played live in a public forum on numerous occasions. Serious rush.
Noraine Alissa Poria
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Post by Noraine Alissa Poria »

I know how to play guitar, I've been playing it since I was still in 5th grade. But because I am too busy with my life right now, I rarely played it.
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Post by Lizpearson »

I've been learning how to play guitar and piano when I was in college. But It takes years of practice to play well
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