Justin bieber love him or hate him?

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Re: Justin bieber love him or hate him?

Post by mrnobody3 »

He may not have good personality but I do enjoyed some of his songs.

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Post by Inkroverts »

I kind of feel sorry of him. He's obviously a talented singer. But these negative publicity about him reminds me of how celebrities' marketing works.
The manager, or the promotional team behind the artists, usually don't care whether the celebrities are "doing the right thing" or "setting a good example". They care about the celebrities GETTING ATTENTION, so they can generate profit from the "free publicity" that's the scandals. Since Justin Bieber was very young when he got into the industry, I think being rewarded for doing questionable stuff changed his mindset. He could be a much better person. But now it's too late.

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Post by AdrianaJ »

Personally I hate him, like yes everyone does make mistakes but some things he have done have not been the smartest things.

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Post by Browneh »

I'm very conflicted over him. I never really liked him growing up, but didn't mind his music. I never really understood the hate he got in the media - he was a kid and did some messed up things, but I imagine it would have been hard to grow up in the limelight whilst still developing into a young man.

He seems to be recovering from those stresses, it's nice to see that he's got someone like his wife by his side.

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Post by Mrsbrinson31101 »

Now, I don't really think about him. When he was in the media for songs like Baby and Boyfriend, I wasn't on the bandwagon, but as of late, I don't really mind him anymore.

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Post by sschatzberg »

I don't like his music; his voice doesn't inspire me. In middle school, girls were overly obsessed with him and I got annoyed by them.

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Post by Atara Miles »

I'm not invested in the life of any artiste whose music I listen to. I like songs because of their message and melody. I can't deny that Bieber has several good songs that were deserving of their hit title.
i actually enjoy Purpose, Love Yourself and his remixing of Despacito.

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Post by Jennashby_87 »

I don’t really have an opinion of him as a person, but I don’t think anyone can deny he is a talented guy. He has a great voice and he is a great dancer. I definitely like him music.

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Post by SexyAshhh101 »

Love him

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Post by kperm »

I like Justin Bieber a lot. I think he is a great musician, and he has amazing songs. He is very talented, and his voice is very beautiful.

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Post by Leyla Ann »

I can't say that I like him or dislike him, I'm more like indifferent to him, but I do listen to some of his songs.
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Post by Mwila_wise »

I love this guy and I like all his songs,he is gifted.

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Post by Catdimar28 »

Hi I agree and oddly enough can only say that now after watching a documentary on him recently. He said something so profound which is still resonating with me and I discovered a sudden appreciation for him.

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Post by nicole-adrianne »

I love some songs ("Sorry", "Somebody to Love") and hate others (DESPACITO).
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There is some footage about him, I remember watching, then I was like he did not just do that. The latest I remember shows that he is polishing his ways. The songs by him I really like are don't you up and I won't let go.

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