"Vindictive" by Isobel Sheene

Discuss the May 2015 book of the month, Holding Fire.
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"Vindictive" by Isobel Sheene

Post by Scott »

Please use this topic to discuss the fourth story in Holding Fire, "Vindictive" by Isobel Sheene.

What do you think of this story? What do you like most about it?

This story dealt with a very serious topic. I like how this story unique applied the theme by having the person seeking revenge not be the living victim.

What do you think?
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Post by sahmoun2778 »

I too thought that turning the avenger into the victim made this story really unique. I also liked how the story zeroed in on the rapid spiral of this particular bit of destruction.
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Post by memory »

I could really appreciate where Jordan was coming from with his anger and wanting to get revenge on the attacker on behalf of the victim. I think that is something most people could relate to.
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Post by IzzyS »

Hi, I'm the author of Vindictive, and I just wanted to thank everyone for their support in buying and reading the stories.
I really appreciate all comments and criticisms, good or bad, as it's good to know what others think of your writing so you can improve.
Thank you!

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Post by bookowlie »

I thought the twist at the end was very clever. It turned a common theme of a relative seeking revenge into something creative and interesting.
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Post by khudecek »

The close relationship between a brother and sister is what appealed to me the most. It kind of reminded me of my own sons. One of them gets into a situation, the other is there to get him out of it. It's what siblings do.

This was one of the fastest stories in the book. It seemed like I'd just started it and then it was over. I like it when a story is a real mover.
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Post by zeldas_lullaby »

"When life begins with needles and pins, it ends with swords and knives. God save those born to die." ~Tears For Fears

This story made me think of that line of music.

I liked this story a lot, and I found it very interesting as to the victim's lack of desire to "fight back" in the courts. I've seen that happen in real life, and of course I disapprove of it. (On some level, though, I understand it, I guess.) The author is very talented to capture that.

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Post by ananya92 »

I thought this story had a very different perspective and I found this story engaging.

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Post by debo9967 »

The story conveyed a lot in a few pages and found it quite unusual.
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Post by avid reader28 »

I think the story was well-written and conveyed a different and a unique take on victim/ revenge theme.
The sibling's relationship in the story reminded me a bit of me and my sister , we have each other's back in any situation. in a quite compulsive way :D
I liked the twisty ending , I didn't see that coming :)

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Post by calfurshoney »

It wad a quick read and I enjoyed the love between siblings. Reminded me of how my relationship is with my sister's!

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Post by bluemel4 »

I was not as surprised by the ending like many people. I also found the way the rape topic was approached a bit cliche. Maybe it is because I watch a lot of police procedurals. It feels like this could be the story line for an SVU (Special Victims Unit) episode.

I really wanted the revenge to be darker than just a stabbing. I kept thinking that the flashlight would have something to do with the revenge.
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Post by zanderlyrose »

The characters were very easy to relate to. Nice way to show how these things hurt more than just the initial victim.
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Post by castor »

It was a really quick read and engaging. I would like to see more on the views and feelings of Aliyah (how she feels, why she won't go to court). I liked the twist at the end.
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Post by Levi »

I loved the literal take on the Holding Fire theme. I empathized with Aliyah, and sympathized with Jordan, so the author did a good job with the characters in the time allowed. A few errors, but nothing overly distracting. Good job IzzyS!
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