"Running with Guilt" by Maggie Stancu

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Re: "Running with Guilt" by Maggie Stancu

Post by Levi »

I just finished reading this short story last night and I must agree Maggie is very talented. I was drawn right in from the start and taken along for the ride. I noticed possibly one error, although I'd have to check my notes so it wasn't glaring, and I thought Paul continually popping up like he did was unrealistic, but maybe that is where the lack of backstory hurts this particular tale. I agree short stories don't always require backstory, but then you just have to make the characters and their actions somewhat believable. I think Vic was perfectly done and the story was amazing, so these minor things really don't detract overall from what was a fantastic first entry from a young author. Great job Maggie!!
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Being Maggie
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Post by Being Maggie »

Hey everyone, I'm the author of this story, and just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! Your comments are amazing, and are so motivating! Thanks for reading, and taking the time to tell me what you thought. It means a lot!
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Post by zeldas_lullaby »

You're welcome!! Keep writing!!
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Post by litmonster »

I was not really surprised by the ending, though I understand the point being made and feel that it was pretty well done. I’m not sure how I feel about using another essential victim to lure Paul to watch Vic kill herself is the one thing that perhaps I truly throw into question. I definitely gets across the point of turning yourself into the monster you were afraid of.
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Post by TangledinText »

Running with Guilt was the perfect opening short-story. It held my interest and led me to jump into the next head first. I loved how much depth it built in such a short time frame then how unexpected the ending was. Endings like this are the ones that make you think because you are not prepared for them and they happen so fast and with no build up you are left at the end with your mouth hanging open.
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Post by Acwoolet »

Great short story! The problem with short stories are that they're so short!
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Post by Naval Aulakh »

This is a very good story. I liked it, especially the end amazed me. This story is worth reading. :)
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Post by Intrepid »

She is so so cold and calculated personality
I don't think I'll want to be her mark.
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