Book or Movie?

Discuss the April 2015 book of the month, "Paper Towns" by John Green.
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Book or Movie?

Post by zjones99 »

Well now that the movie for Paper Towns has come out, what do you think? Is the book better, or worse than the movie?

I had the opportunity to see the movie last night, and I thought it was awesome! They worked in so many parts from the book that I can see the screenwriters really wanted to impress fans. As always, not everything could make it in, but the parts they did cut out did not really affect the movie as a whole. Overall I think I still prefer the book because there was more of an adventure, but I will defiantly be watching the movie again. Your thoughts?
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Post by Momlovesbooks »

I saw the movie yesterday and was really pleased with how well it stayed true to the book. Not everything could fit in the movie because of time issues. The ending was slightly different but not enough to bother me. Overall, the producers did a nice job of adapting the book to the screen.
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Post by AlishaKennedy »

In my opinion, they did pretty good on the movie. It followed the book very well, but I was disappointed that the breaking into Seaworld scene was not included in the movie along with all of the nine tasks Margo needed to accomplish that night. As always, the book will always be better. But I was satisfied with the movie overall, I thought the actors they chose fit their roles very well.
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Post by bookowlie »

I am hesitant to see the movie after having read the book. The book is usually better and I often wind up disappointed.
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Post by Tanaya »

@bookowlie I understand how you feel. That's why I have a tendency to watch a movie and then read the book after (I usually get into things after they've already become popular). But you should still give the movie a try!
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Post by Royal Bibliophile »

I didn't read the book but I admit when watching the movie I was truly disappointed. Being based on a John Green book, i guess i was just expecting... well, more.
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Post by TangledinText »

Movie seems more exciting with or course your imagination put into color and I'm excited to see what they will change especially the ending.
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Post by courtney8847 »

Book over movie any day.
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Post by literarycat »

bookowlie wrote:I am hesitant to see the movie after having read the book. The book is usually better and I often wind up disappointed.
I am the same way, I'm still weary on watching the movie after reading it.
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Post by sphillips44 »

9/10 I am a book over movie person, this one is no different. I think it has to do with being able to relate more emotionally through words on a page than what I am seeing on a television screen. To me books are facts, television is all fiction.
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Post by jleach1973 »

Papertowns is my second favorite book by John Green so I was happy to hear that the movie was being made. Overall, I did like the movie and I also appreciated how much the movie stayed true to the book. However, I believe I will always prefer books over movies simply because there are so many thoughts, etc. that cannot be translated well into the movie medium. I get the most enjoyment out of reading the book first so I can use my knowledge of the story to get more out of the movie.
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Post by Volgal87 »

The books are always better. The author can use more details in a book than a producer can put in a movie!
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Post by KellyS24 »

Of course the book will always be better than the movie because for one the book of course is the original perspective and imagination come to life. Plus, books have much more detail than a movie can possibly ever fit in the time frame. But I will say, although sometime movies in no way do their book any justice, they can still be very entertaining for what they are. Books have longer time frames and space rather than movies do. And I really do think movie directors and producers do their very best at making the imaginations of a book come to life and in working with what they have.
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Post by zaynab_m »

I honestly can't wait to watch the movie! Haven't had a chance to yet...
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Post by Valerie »

I don't read the book but the movie is not so good and bored.
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