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Post by Kak12 » 13 Mar 2018, 06:50

Woke up to nastiness,
To the longest of mail,
Did i call for it
Did i compel it.

My night was good,
Walking glassy smoke streets,
Hand in hand,
With a clear picture of the future.

In that city, where you and me trod,
I could see the latter much vividly.
Clear as water,
Not a prototype, so clear.

Home is where we walked to together,
At its center, we knew us,
At its ebb we conceived,
Inseparable , inseparable.

Woke up to the certainties,
Tossing at all corners of our bed,
Lo and behold, the entire room,
Was left to me.

Wake me up from the dreadful trance,
Shake me out of the nightmare,
Ah, it all was real,
Gone, he was gone.

Woke up to nastiness,
A message full of contempt,
Of long stored offense,
A sign of unforgiveness.

Ignorant of my fault,
Illiterate of my flaw,
Why he never reproved,
Never rebuked, never corrected.

He said out loudly in Pen,
Been patient long enough,
Waited long enough,
No remorse in you,
No room for repentance.

You aren't the woman i knew,
Not virtuous,
Nor gentle.
Not the chaste virgin i lay with,
I am fully knowledgeable of your ways.

Adultery is your name,
Immorality a pet name,
You lifted your skirt to many,
Showed your bareness to my enemy,
You are harlot.

Day and night,
Patiently i waited, i waited, o i waited,
That my wife confess all fault,
Day and night you played harlot,
Devil in a white dress.

The wounds are deep,
The bruises bleeding,
I gave my strength,
Poured out myself for a hypocrite o, woman
Woman woman.

On my knees, crying out loud.

Guilt laid siege for me,
My husband was right in all,
Sin had i sinned against him,
Pain deeply i caused him,
Sleepless nights i say.

I love him,
But my loins grip me,
Lusts of flesh bombard me,
Like a hungry lioness i walk the streets in darkness,
Restless all night.

Am i one, is it me.
I hear the preacher in the street shout,
O wretched man that I am, who shall deliver from the body of sin.
Saviour, save me,
Forsake me not, for like crude oil i am.

Help me friends,
Seek together with me,
Seek with me my husband, seek me , o seek me.
Tell the tale, the tale of dark folly,
Seek me, seek my husband.

Is there a place, a well whence i cab meet a saviour,
Careless of the time, i desire to meet a saviour,
Who can unfold my secret before me,
A discerner,
That i be saved from this trap.

I desire to repent,
Seek my husband,
That i may fall at his feet,
Wash his feet with my tears,
Wipe them with my fallen glory.

I repent

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Post by Chief_pope » 13 Mar 2018, 12:35

Great use words and setting of this poet. i want to read more of this.

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